In the Warm Room

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In the Warm Room
Tour of Life

For all that Lionheart is positioned in the shadow of The Kick Inside, it diverges from its predecessor in significant ways. The Kick Inside is more or less an art rock album — a much quirkier art rock album than something like The Wall or Low, but nonetheless in a tradition that houses Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, and Genesis. There are certainly strands of art rock in Lionheart (which are most prominent in “Wow,” “Hammer Horror,” and “Symphony in Blue,” all the singles), but it’s frayed at the edges and beginning to pull away from its obvious tradition. There’s an edge of darkness to Lionheart, which wasn’t as prominent in Bush’s debut. It’s almost a Gothic album with a healthy dose of the pastoral thrown in. There’s also a folk touch to it, with its increased use of acoustic instruments (down to the influence of Paddy Bush). Lionheart is lonely, and its singer is left in France to ruminate on cultural fragments of England.

One of the quietest songs on the album is “In the Warm Room,” also ...

Before Your Ancestors Had Turned the First Wheel (The Pilot)

And she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China

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It’s April 15th, 2017. Harry Styles is at number one with “Sign of the Times.” Lower in the charts, the remnants of the Sheeraning continue, along with Clean Bandit, Drake, and Martin Jensen. Since Sherlock, meanwhile… well, let’s start with UK news. It’s simpler. The UK triggered Article 50 and began the actual Brexit process, starting what was at the time a two year clock to departing the European Union. The new pound coin was released. And that’s basically it for major news. In the US, meanwhile… ...

Oh England My Lionheart

Oh England My Lionheart
Tour of Life

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It's difficult to imagine Kate Bush heralding from any place except England. It’s certainly easy to understand why she’s popular in countries outside the U.K., but Bush is a uniquely English phenomenon. She came from pastoral England and often sings about British culture. Her work, especially on Lionheart, is full of allusions to English and Irish folklore, and she’s predominantly influenced by British music (glam rock was also a ...

I Don't Speak German, Episode 15 - Stefan Molyneux

This week, after many requests, Daniel and Jack take a look at cult-leader, ancap, blowhard, bullshit-artist, white-nationalist, misogynist, narcissist, and phoney-philosopher Stefan Molyneux.

As always, warning apply.

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Show Notes:

Cantwell News!

Chris Cantwell takes a break

...but not for long enough


Martin Sellner background (ironically most of these links are in German):


Stefan Molyneux, cult leader:

Guardian article on Free Domain Radio, 'deFOOing', SM as cult-leader

On SM as cult leader, FDR 'deFOOing', etc

FDR Liberated - blog and forum for people who have escaped SM's influence; collates lots of info on SM

FDR Liberated on Joe Rogan interviewing SM

Stefan's wife, therapist Christina Papadopoulos, reprimanded by Ontario College of Psychiatrists for "professional misconduct" after encouraging SM's fans to sever connections with their families (i.e. 'deFOO').  SM later lied about this to Joe Rogan.

Video from former Stefan fan detailing their disillusion


Stefan Molyneux, racist:

The 100 Year March: A Philosopher in Poland

Why I Was Wrong About Nationalism

"An Honest Conversation ...

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Pop Between Realities, Home in Time For Tea: Broadchurch

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Act I: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

The most impressive thing about Broadchurch is ...

The Future of This Site

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Three years ago, when Jill and I moved to Ithaca, she took a significant pay cut to do it, and in order to make the finances work I had to take up a part time job. I haven't made a big fuss out of this because I enjoy some measure of privacy, but it's been the big reason why my output over the last few years has been a bit sporadic. It's why I've struggled at getting new Eruditoroum volumes out (or indeed revisions of the old ones), writing new Last War in Albion, or really ...

In Search of Peter Pan

In Search of Peter Pan
Tour of Life

In recent entries, we’ve addressed that Lionheart is a heavily recycled album. Pressed for time to read an album after months of promoting The Kick Inside, Bush did the sane thing and salvaged songs she’d already written. The result is largely to the album’s detriment, with the overall sound being a step backwards from The Kick Inside’s iconoclasm. Yet the overall retro feel makes Lionheart an interesting album in its own right, with a relative lack of confidence which in some ways makes it more compelling than its predecessor. Lionheart retreats often to the recesses of childhood and theater in the face of worldly adult duties. It’s an album constructed from a terror of being thrust onto the world stage and working in narrower confines than one was allowed in adolescence. Worse, it’s being asked to fall back to keep yourself afloat. Imagine if you had to submit your associate’s degree essays for an undergraduate program, and you have something akin to this album.

Resultingly, Lionheart is apprehensive and often lyrically tense. “In Search of Peter Pan,” an odd track loved more by Björk than the general public, is rife ...

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