IDSG Ep60 - Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying

This week, Daniel and Jack discuss Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, two alumni of the Intellectual Dark Web, their 'origin story' as 'public intellectuals' in the Evergreen College kerfuffle of 2017, and their current views on Black Lives Matter and Trans Rights as expressed in their Dark Horse podcast. Jack gets angry and giggly.

Next week, we will move on to Bret's brother Eric Weinstein.

Content Warning.

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Bari Weiss, "Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web."

Bret Weinstein homepage:

Heather Heying homepage:

Evergreen State College at Wikipedia.

Programs and Courses at Evergreen.

Bret Weinstein Explains the Day of Absence on Joe Rogan:

Bret Weinstein on Tucker Carlson, May 26 2020.

Jacqueline Littleton, "The Truth About the Evergreen Protests."

Noah Berlatsky, "The Real Free Speech Story at Evergreen College."

"Another Side of the Evergreen State College Story." ...

Sat In Your Lap

We did it. I hit $300 on the Patreon because of your support. Thank you so much to everyone who pledged (all 98 of you), shared the link, contributed to reaching the goals, or was just kind and supportive. This is quite literally life-changing for me. I can making a living off my passion without having to compromise financial security or my mental health. You people are amazing and I am indebted to you all. To be clear, $300 is a minimum though. I'm a disabled trans woman, and people will inevitably drop their pledges. Continued support would be great. But in the meantime, thank you. My life is better for your support. 

Sat In Your Lap (single)
Sat In Your Lap (LP version)
Dance rehearsal (fragment, Looking Good Feeling Fit)

The aftermath of Never for Ever was a period of burnout for Bush. Prone to depressive burnouts after the completion of projects, she found herself drifting into a nadir of fruitless ennui, which she deemed “the anti-climax after all the work.” Completing Never for Ever in May 1980, Bush, not for the last time, put significant space between herself and the public, taking a ...

Of Human Bondage Ep. 1: Dr. No & Patreon Update

Hi all! I want to start this post with a quick update regarding the Patreon. The outpouring of support from friends and readers has been truly astounding. I cannot describe the thrill of waking up yesterday and realizing I would soon be able to live off my writing. The support of my community, the chance to fully dedicate myself to my craft, and not having to resort to a re-traumatizing job in order to survive makes for a tremendous feeling of support and gratitude. I cannot thank you all enough. You are amazing and have literally, materially changed my life.

Yet we musn't declare victory too early. $300 is the goal at which I'll feel safe living off Patreon, and at time of writing we're just $17 short of that. Lots of folks have stepped in to get me to the $300 mark with promises to undertake various projects. Here are some things that will happen if I hit $300 on Patreon:

  • El will review Revolution of the Daleks. This is the only way she will do so.
  • Jack will write about the Big Finish audio Brotherhood of the Daleks, featuring the Doctor's ties to Karl ...

IDSG Ep59 The Heimbach Maneuvre / News Roundup

In this bumper episode, Daniel tells Jack all about the recent response to us by Matt Heimbach and Jesse Morton on their Walk on the Right Side podcast.  Also, we do a news roundup, taking in Camilla Long, Lauren Southern, Andrew Neil, Ben Shapiro, Tim Pool and Hank Hill; Tucker Carlson and his writer Blake Neff, recently revealed as a racist forum poster; the arrest of Steven Baca; and the latest scary developments in Portland as ICE/DHS start black-bagging protestors, featuring the rise to instant fame of Tazerface.  Also... the triumphant return of Cantwell News.

Content Warnings Apply.

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Cantwell's additional charges.

Blake Neff exposed:

Tazerface16 assulted.

Tazerface aka "Chris David" describes the assault:

Chad Loder thread on ABQ militia shooting:

Steven Baca arrest:

Take a Walk on the Right Side Episode 6. ...

In the Name of the Fa

There will be a new episode of IDSG along later today.  In the meantime, here is a substantially re-edited and rewritten/updated section of something I wrote and originally published for supporters only at my Patreon.  As it happens, the subjects discussed below have a fair bit of relevance to the main topic to today's forthcoming new IDSG.


On 31st May 2020, President Donald Trump tweeted:

“The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organisation.”

The statement is meaningless in real terms.  As has been widely remarked, ‘ANTIFA’ (even Trump’s use of all-caps is telling of where he’s getting his ‘information’) is not an organisation at all.  It is not a group of people who do things; it is a way of doing a certain thing, namely: opposing fascism.  To be specific: it is a strategy of direct action for confronting fascists, fascism, or things deemed liable to incite or encourage the growth of fascism.  It is a diffuse, rhizomatic, leaderless cloud of people; connected not by membership or hierarchy but by shared goals and tactics - and even that very broadly.  Nor, as has also been widely remarked, does Trump - or indeed ...

The Last War in Albion Book Two, Chapter Eleven: By Another Mans (Look Upon My Works Ye Mighty)

Quick update on Christine's Patreon. There's been a tremendous response, but she's stalled at around $208 at the time I'm writing this on Saturday. Financial security for her really needs about $300, so if you're at all interested in her amazing Kate Bush work, please check it out. Also, she's got fun intermediate goals: at $225 she'll be doing a podcast with Daniel Harper, and at $250 another with Jack Graham about Alien and The Shining. So please, help my daughter afford an apartment via her Patreon.

And so at last the story returns to where it began. Grant Morrison has, of course, been ever-present. As already discussed at length, his first professional credit predated Moore by five months. But he has been a shadow presence in the narrative, lurking at the edges, occasionally contriving to intersect it, waiting for his moment to take the stage in earnest. And now at last he arrives having always been here, and it becomes necessary to trace the story backwards, figuring out who he has been all this time. 

This is, of course, a strange moment in which to observe Morrison, as he remains resolutely unspectacular ...



Comic Relief (’86)

My Patreon is doing tremendously well, having gotten over the $200 threshold thanks to my amazing backers. This is a huge deal for me. It means being able to survive off work that doesn't interfere with my disabilities and allows me to focus on my writing. I can't thank y'all enough. Yet nothing is quite nailed down - $300 is the point where I'll be able to comfortably live off Patreon income until my seasonal job resumes, and the page has stalled at $206. So here's some fun: at $225, I'll cut a podcast with Daniel Harper (yes! the guy from "I Don't Speak German!"), and at $250, Jack (the other IDSG guy!) will cut a podcast on "Alien" and "The Shining." You don't want to miss out on that now, do you? Of course not. Feel free to back, or at least share my work. Every bit helps. Thanks so much.


“Outside gets inside, through her skin
I’ve been out before, but this time it’s much safer in.”

A refugee of fire and radiation self-sequesters in the only shelter it knows. It’s safe in here, it lies ...

Creeping Fascism and the Long Depression

A Sketch.


Fascism in Italy and Germany in the 1930 was a distal result of the Great Depression.  This vast crisis in capital accumulation and flow led not only to immense suffering among the working class but also to a devastation of the middle class.  This both stimulated the growth of a fascist mass movement (which always have their base in the middle classes) and created a political deadlock in normal democratic government.  This deadlock was so paralysing that powerful sectors of the ruling capitalist class - notably those in heavy industry, which stood to benefit directly from fascist government’s state programs and war preparation - were persuaded to relinquish the fig-leaf of democracy altogether.  Fascism is many things but it is always a desperate attempt on the part of a crisis-ridden capitalist system to overcome paralysing contradictions born of crises caused by its own economic laws of motion.  

The last big crash, commonly dated to 2008, led to what the Marxist economist Michael Roberts has called ‘the Long Depression’.  This refers to the inability of Western capitalism since 2008 to make a full recovery.  Beset by insufficient and stagating profit rates, and unmanageable build-ups of debt (fictitious capital, itself an ...

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