Dark Side of the Moon (The Cover)

The date is October 31st, 1973.  My sister and I huddle cowardly in the dark, hopped up on sugar, two little girls spellbound by the rituals of Halloween.  I still remember the ghosts, the lions and leopards, the vampires and wolves and sheep.  I think we were lions that year.  Our costumes would have been onesies. 

My father has turned off all the lights. He puts on an album.  The old turntables were analog devices, not digital.  A flat circle of vinyl, upon which a tiny tip of diamond will dance crazily, the good vibrations sent through a bed of copper to be transformed into an electromagnetic pulse of sound. 

It’s darker than dark.  Our vision is impaired; we cannot see.  The stereo is in the corner of the far wall in the living room, tucked in walnut-stained bookcases behind the end of the couch, so you can’t see the lights.  We’ve only been in the house for two months, so it’s still strange, unusual, a queer place, but already the townhouse in the projects has become a distant memory as well, with only remnants of the blue-swirled carpeting preserved ...

IDSG Ep70 National Justice Party

In this episode, after a little roundup of podcast recs, Daniel (finally) tells Jack all about the latest venture by Mike Enoch and the TRS: the National Justice Party.  We listen in on their founding meeting in a barn and learn the *other* problem with the GOP according to Enoch's audience.  Then we check in on Richard Spencer to see what he thinks about it all.  Finally, Daniel gives Jack a short, improvised tutorial on the concept of... pardon us... 'Finkelthink', which Jack finds unwarrantedly confusing.  Fun times.  Election?  What election would that be officer?

Content Warnings

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Show Notes / Links:

Correction: In the episode, Daniel mistakenly says TRS has moved to Lancaster, PA.  It's actually Greely.

Embrace The Void Podcast: https://voidpod.com/podcasts/2020/10/29/ev-164-the-far-right-wing-with-daniel-harper

Woking Up Episode 1: https://soundcloud.com/politeconversations/woking-up-1

Decoding the Gurus: https://decoding-the-gurus.captivate.fm/

ALAB Liberate Michigan: https://www.alabseries.com/episodes/episode-17-liberate-michigan

National Justice Party Website: https://nationaljusticeparty.com/

NJP Founding Speech, August 15, 2020: https://nationaljusticeparty.com/2020/08/19/national-justice-party-founding-speech-august-15-2020/

Thread from Antifascist Alligator on the known NJP members: https://twitter.com/Antifagator/status ...

IDSG Ep69 Culture Warlords, with Talia Lavin

This episode, we are joined by special guest Talia Lavin to talk about her excellent new book Culture Warlords.

Content Warning.

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Talia's Twitter: @chick_in_kiev

Culture Warlords: www.hachettebooks.com/titles/talia-l…9780306846434/

Olive Peaseblossom in Kraken Went A'Courtin

Here's a bit of a swerve for you. My awesome husband Penn Wiggins is a visual artist, and we've finally gotten around to collaborating on our first comic. Because I am me, I took Alan Moore's advice that you should start by doing short stories such as the Tharg's Future Shocks feature of 2000 AD extremely literally, mashing it up with Penn's stated desire to draw faeries and sea witches to get, well... this astoundingly goofy piece of fun.

This site isn't particularly geared for comics, so while you can click on all of the images below to expand them, my recommendation would be to head over to Penn's site, where he's actually got it configured to be easily readable. Or you can just download it, in either PDF format or CBZ format.

We're already at work on our follow-up effort, which is... also extremely silly. 

And swing back on Thursday for a release of a very different sort.

IDSG Ep68 The Trial of Christopher Cantwell, with Hilary Sargent

Christopher Cantwell, the 'Crying Nazi', was recently tried and convicted in a federal court in New Hampshire.  As our regular listeners will know, we've been following Cantwell's fortunes for some time.  In this episode, Daniel and Jack are joined by special guest, journalist and Cantwell expert Hilary Sargent, to talk about the trial, and the long, winding, bizarre, horrifying story of how we got here. 

Content warnings.

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Notes / Links:

Hilary's Twitter: @lilsarg

Hilary's articles on the Cantwell trial for The Informant: https://www.informant.news/people/1157338-hilary-sargent

Don't do meth kids: www.bitchute.com/channel/sFreBwLNiMDA/

All the Love

All the LoveThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unnamed-1.jpg

A mostly unloved dirge on The Dreaming’s tails-side, “All the Love” exists as a buffer between the uxorial laments of “Night of the Swallow” and “Houdini.” Little distinguishes it from its fellow LP tracks — its lyrics scan like an embryonic “Houdini” or “Suspended in Gaffa,” presaging future such Bush songs as “Hello Earth” or “Never Be Mine.” Admittedly the song’s points of intrigue are mostly limited to what comes after it, with “All the Love” mostly existing to get The Dreaming to ten songs. 

Sonically, “All the Love” sounds like a callback to Never for Ever, to the point one wonders if the song is a holdover. The song’s centering of melody over rhythm is an aberration on the rhythm-preoccupied Dreaming, with Stuart Elliott’s drums quietly accentuating things rather than taking a “lead instrument” role. The relatively high position of Del Palmer’s bass playing in the mix also feels superannuated and reminiscent of “Blow Away (For Bill)” or “Egypt,” some of the oldest songs in Bush’s studio career. “All the Love” has some flourishes characteristic of the mid-80s — the sampling of phone conversations is the sort of thing ...

IDSG Ep67 Tim Pool and the Wolverine Watchmen

An unplanned, emergency mini-sequel to our discussion of Tim Pool just a couple of days ago.  Reality, displaying its customary poor timing, waited until just after we dropped our Tim Pool episode to reveal the story of the Wolverine Watchmen, a group of militia types arrested for planning the abduction and 'trial' (i.e. murder, presumably) of Michigan Governer Gretchen Whitmer.  At least one of the conspirators seems to have been part of Tim's audience; Tim has been demonizing Whitmer as a dangerous tyrant for ages; and Tim himself reacted to the story in ways that combine the hilarious, disgusting, and accidentally instructive.  And so here we are.

Content Warnings.  Contains Tim Pool.

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Links / Notes:

Episode 67: Tim Pool https://idontspeakgerman.libsyn.com/66-tim-pool

New York Times, "F.B.I. Says Michigan Anti-Government Group Plotted to Kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer" https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/08/us/gretchen-whitmer-michigan-militia.html

Continuation of Criminal Complaint regarding kidnapping plot of Gretchen Whitmer: https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.miwd.99213/gov.uscourts.miwd.99213.1.1_1.pdf

Emily Lawler, MLive, "Accused Michigan terrorists found natural home among anti-Whitmer sentiment promoted by far ...

IDSG Ep66 Tim Pool

This time, Jack and Daniel delve into the cesspool that is the barking, beanie-wearing, bollocks-talker Tim Pool.  Prepare for a small avalanche of weapons grade stupid from YouTube's favourite reactionary propagandist pretending to be a centrist or something.

Content Warning.

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Links / Notes:

CV Vitolo “Haddad”: Another Academic Racial Fraud? https://medium.com/@polite_keppel_dinosaur_57/cv-vitolo-haddad-another-academic-racial-fraud-c5c41fe32110

The CV Dossier: https://twitter.com/thecvdossier

Inside Higher Ed, "Fresno State Pulls CV Vitolo-Haddad's Job Offer." https://www.insidehighered.com/quicktakes/2020/09/18/fresno-state-pulls-cv-vitolo-haddads-job-offer

Timcast YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Timcast/videos

Timcast News YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TimcastNews/videos

Timcast IRL YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TimcastIRL/videos

SCNR YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SCNRtv/videos

Tim Pool: Day at a Chicago Warehouse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LgfyUeFlzw

Tim Pool calls into the Majority Report, November 2011. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYcZodBFS8k

Christopher Robbins, Gothamist, "Is OWS Livestreamer Snitching Or Reporting?" https://gothamist.com/news/update-is-ows-livestreamer-snitching-or-reporting

"Is that his job? To hold people accountable? "Well," Pool pauses. "That's not my decision to make. That's the majority's decision. I will say that in the case ...

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