IDSG Ep63 American History X

Another of our occasional movie episodes, this time looking at famous (and bad) 90s movie American History X starring Edward Norton as a neo-Nazi skinhead.

Content warnings apply.

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Also, we introduce our new theme music, courtesy of Lune the Band.

Final Day for the TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 8 Kickstarter

Just wanted to remind everyone that we're now in the final day of the TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 8 Kickstarter. We've blown through most of the stretch goals—all of them, actually, and I've ended up adding a few more. At the time of writing we're just under $15k, which will be the trigger for another War Doctor essay looking at short fiction and comics stories featuring the character. And then at $16k, I'll throw in an essay on Titan Comics' 9th Doctor comics. All of that's very doable with an even modestly strong final day. So if you've been meaning to back, now is your chance. And please, do make a mention of it on your favorite social media channels. This is within sight of being my most successful Kickstarter ever, and I'd be very delighted if we manage to nick that record. 

Once again, the Kickstarter is over here. And I'll be back in literally just a couple of days with a long awaited book launch announcement. :)

IDSG Ep62 - Eric Weinstein, Part 2

The final (for now) part of of coverage of the IDW's Weinstein brothers.  Back to Eric, with special reference to his boss Peter Thiel and the Gawker affair, Eric's response to Becca Lewis' Alternative Influence Report, and to Eric's thoughts on BLM and the current protests. 

Warnings Apply.

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Owen Thomas, Gawker, "Peter Thiel is Totally Gay, People."

Derek Thompson, The Atlantic, "The Most Expensive Comment in Internet History?"

Steven W. Thrasher, "Peter Thiel's Gawker War Not His First Brush With a High-Priced Vendetta."

Maureen O'Connor, Gawker. "Christina Hendricks Says THese Giant Naked Boobs Aren't Hers, But Everything Else Is."

Maureen O'Connor, Gawker, "Olivia Munn's Super Dirty Alleged Naked Pics.""

Bollea v. Gawker at Wikipedia:

Rebecca Lewis, "Alternative Influence: Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube."

Full PDF:

Eric Weinstein abuses Becca Lewis ...

Get Out of My House

Get Out of My House

CW: This entire blog post discusses domestic abuse, sexual violence, and severe emotional manipulation at length and in triggering detail.

“The little fucker had thrown my papers all over the floor. All I tried to do was pull him up… a momentary loss of muscular coordination.”
Jack Torrance, The Shining.


The woman who raised me had seemingly few qualms about shrieking her disapproval at me several times per day. Usually she accomplished her purpose with words, but sometimes she would punctuate her castigations with a punitive strike of her hand. It was unclear to me what this accomplished beyond making me afraid of my own parent. If that was her purpose, she succeeded impressively.

In the summer of 2015, I learned that there was a familial precedent for my birth-giver’s violent tendencies. For a couple months, I stayed with her parents while she worked abroad. After a minor argument in which I told the family that an extended episode of severe depression would impair my ability to join the family on a daytrip, my grandfather trailed me to my guest bedroom and aggressively pushed me through the door. As I attempted to raise myself ...

IDSG Ep61 - Eric Weinstein, Part 1

We return, apologetic for the delay, with the next part of our investigation into the Weinstein brothers (no, the other ones).  This time, it's Eric - mathematician, hedgefund manager, cultural commentator, founder of the Intellectual Dark Web (or at least of the name), and persecuted/suppressed victim of conspiracies (to hear him tell it anyway).  We don't always cover Nazis.  Sometimes we have to cover people like Eric who, while not Nazis, are part of the current reactionary ecosystem.  And what a part he is.  More about Eric, particularly his connection to Peter Thiel, next week.

Content Warnings, as ever.

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Eric Weinstein website:

Eric Weinstein YouTube:

Eric Weinstein CV: About Page:

"During my training in pure mathematics, I became equally interested in real world problems. While much of the challenge in research mathematics revolves around the specialized tools needed to attack narrowly defined problems, as a consultant, I sometimes find ...

The Birdwatcher’s Guide to Atrocity Review

It is not news that Alex is one of my most beloved friends in the world. Nor is it news that his band, Seeming, is my favorite band. These things are not separable. And as with all of his albums, this is one I saw coming together, giving my opinions on demos, agitating in favor of songs when Alex’s faith in them faltered, and generally giving my input and perspective, just as Alex has weighed in on countless bits of Last War in Albion and Cyberpunk: The Future That Was. I care too much about his work, in the wonderful, heady way that one cares about art that one truly loves. Anyway, he has a new album coming out on Friday,The Birdwatcher’s Guide to the Apocalypse. It is of course brilliant. You should buy it. At the very least, you should be sure to swing by your streaming service of choice and give it a listen. Four tracks are up now, the other six on Friday. Let’s talk about it some.

From day one, when talking about how he’d follow Sol, Alex said he was going to avoid going bigger, recognizing that simply always doubling down on epic grandeur ...

The Future That Was: The Future is Born (A Triptych Moment)

A quick Kickstarter update before we begin: we're about 1/4 of the way to the stretch goal where I write about George Mann's Engines of War, in which he attempts to do a Time War novel. We're also only three pledges from 300 backers.

Now for this post: a taste of my current project, The Future That Was, which I'm writing the first five chapters of before I go back to Last War in Albion for a bit. It's the first (or arguably third) volume of a projected trilogy of books about the history of science fiction, focusing, as the title suggests, on cyberpunk. Beyond this preview, this book will be 100% Patreon exclusive until it's finished and published. The second chapter and beginning of the third are already available over there.

City Lights, Receding: Neuromancer

There were of course antecedents; a thing such as cyberpunk could not just emerge sui generis. Some have pointed as far back to Alfred Bester’s The Stars My Destination. More credible was the New Wave of Science Fiction heralded by writers like J.G. Ballard and Michael Moorcock in the UK and Harlan Ellison and Ursula K ...

Kickstarter Week One Update

Christine has been busy actually moving into that studio apartment you all bought her, so will be getting you a blogpost later in the week. So I figured I’d hog her slot with a Kickstarter update. Which, first of all, you know that the Kickstarter for TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 8 is running, right? Over the last week we managed to hit goal and get through the two Now My Doctor stretch goals. More to the point, though, I found myself thinking about Paul McGann over breakfast on Saturday, and so opened up my laptop and proceeded to have one of the most efficient and painless essay writing experiences of my life as I, quite unexpectedly, wrote “Now My Doctor: Paul McGann.” So I did the obvious thing and posted it as a Kickstarter update. It is, if I may say so, one of the best things I’ve written about Doctor Who in recent memory, and it’s yours to read if you back the Kickstarter at any level. Meanwhile, by the time you read this I’ll probably have had breakfast again, and who knows what might happen with all these thoughts about Christopher Eccleston in my head…

Meanwhile, well, a ...

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