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An extra post this week, even if it is quite short. Because I have a pair of links you might be interested in, dear readers.

First, Jessica Greenlee and the fabulous folk at Fanboy Nation have an interview with me up, which you can read right here.

Second, if you've noticed the fact that there's a pretty picture as the banner on the Last War in Albion Kickstarter. And that the cover of the Last War in Albion ebooks is now a really cool and well-designed cover as opposed to the vast expanse of monochrome paisley that dominates this blog. As is usually the case when things I've done look nice, it's down to James Taylor, who has a blog post describing how he made both images up here.

See you tomorrow with The Great Game.

Also, we're only about $250 from the first stretch goal, and $1250 from the accelerated schedule on the Sarah Jane Adventures posts. Thanks again to everybody. Please continue spreading the word, or, if you haven't spread the word, go about doing so.


Alex Antonijevic 6 years, 8 months ago

That video game project sounds interesting. I've toyed with doing that sort of thing, myself. I write the occasional video game review, and I've been interested at looking at video game storytelling over the years.

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Bennett 6 years, 8 months ago

Count me in as another reader keyed up for this secret video game project. With the end of the TARDIS Eruditorum rapidly approaching, I'd love for it to be succeeded by something else within my sphere of interest - which comics, sadly, are not.

(Though I'm also tightly crossing my fingers that this project will have little overlap with the video game blog/writing project I've been planning to launch this September.)

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