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Just a quick announcement. Dalek Eruditorum has been proving frustrating to write—I think I was overly optimistic in thinking I could get to 39 posts out of the idea, and in practice around 13 or so it started becoming an exercise in pulling teeth. Posts were going out to Patrons on Fridays or later after having been written in short spurts of 3-400 words that took all day to even begin to figure out. It's been pretty miserable. And so I've decided that I'm going to accelerate a decision that I'd been planning on making when I finished Dalek Eruditorum: I'm refocusing on longer form writing. 

What this means in practice is that this site is not going to be a weekly maintained blog. I'll still put things up here—the first thing I'm doing is going back to Last War in Albion, and that'll still get posted here in chapter-sized chunks. And other sub-book stuff that I write will probably find a home over here. But I feel like the 2000 word blog post is not really working for me anymore, and like I need to get out of that format and sink my teeth back into some stuff that facilitates mad ambition. I've got the Pirate Planet essay nearly done, so that'll go out Monday, but that'll be the last weekly post here for the forseeable.

I'm still running the patreon over at, and still dependent on your support. Patrons are currently getting work in progress updates—written chunks of text and also behind the scenes peaks at my research notes, outlines, and the like. I'm planning on targeting the same monthly word count as I've been doing, if not higher because it won't be quite so torturous, but a lot more of it will be gated to Patrons for a longer time before it makes its way out here.

And if you want updates, a lot of those will be on my Twitter at I'll still post big things like book launches over here, but if you want regular notification of what I'm up to, those sources are going to be your best bet going forward.

To do a quick spray of likely questions: Eruditorum v6 reprint needs me to spend a day or two's work on it. The added essay is written, but with Amazon not really shipping paper books I haven't felt a ton of pressure to get it typeset. Figure the next couple of weeks there. Volume 7 is now three essays from completion, and is going to be a major focus of May. And the next chapter of Last War in Albion is... well, started. And exciting. And requiring a lot of reading, which I'm going to get back to now.

Thanks to all for the support. I can't wait to show you some big, new, exciting stuff.


George S 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Thanks for sharing Dalek Eruditorum with us El - I look forward to reading your Pirate Planet entry and to keeping an eye on your work in future!

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Ozyman.Jones 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Having followed The Tardis Eruditorum since, oh, around "The Most Totally Closed Mind" post, I'll be sorry to see it ending.... nine years is a long time to have read along with one blogger! And though I may not have agreed with everything, it was never less than passionate and a brilliant, challenging, informative, educational read. Thank you. Looking forward to some more Last War in Albion.

I wonder, though, is it the Dalek Eruditorum your having trouble with, or a loss of passion for Doctor Who in general? The last two or three years have sapped the majority of my Doctor Who love from me (both the show and the fans) and that is something that I would have sworn could and would not ever happen. After forty-five years as a fan

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