Comics Reviews (August 26th, 2015)


Secret Wars to get an extra issue and continue into December, two months after the Marvel relaunch. DC reportedly cutting page rates to creators, eyeing price increases, and cutting back on innovation in favor of the New 52 house style. What a great time to be a comics fan, eh?

From worst to best of what I bought, which wasn't much this week.

Old Man Logan #4

Actually a really solid comic; the Logan/She-Hulk scenes are great. Except that they're a great She-Hulk story, and the comic is a Wolverine comic, so instead of staying with the interesting character we just watch Wolverine hurled to another location. It turns out a character whose only motivation is grudgingly surviving in a story with no visible overall plot is kind of unsatisfying. Who knew? Apparently not Bendis.

Batgirl #43

A perfectly good issue of Batgirl that doesn't necessarily do much to impress so much as faithfully deliver what people enjoying this book are paying for.

Doctor Who: Four Doctors #3

Some distinctly dodgy plot logic on why the Macguffin affects individual regenerations of the Doctor with specificity, and an outright unrecognizable River Song in her two panel silent cameo, but for the most part the strongest issue yet, with a reasonably fun twist on the backside. Not entirely convinced by Cornell's Twelfth Doctor, but his Eleventh is strong and his Tenth is probably the best take on the character after Davies's. This remains fun and frothy.

Where Monsters Dwell #4

This has had a really interesting drift as Karl becomes increasingly less funny and more depraved. Ennis in his sharpest comedic mode, basically. Not a classic of Ennis's oeuvre, but very much fun. Also, a well handled trans character, especially given that the only issue made out of it is the fact that Karl's too stupid to realize it.


Jarl 5 years, 5 months ago

>a reasonably fun twist on the backside
The name of my favorite mid-50s dance craze

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Michael Baker 5 years, 5 months ago

I didn't read Doctor Who: Four Doctors before, will read it tonight probably. And the review of Old Man Logan #4 seems to complicated. As i read on the essay writing service coupon comics mostly are oriented on the teen's auditory, at least it was.

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