Comics Reviews (June 8th, 2016)


From worst to best of what I bought. At the end is a list of my planned purchases for next week. Anything you're gutted to see absent from that list, take it up in comments.

Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

A hot mess, but potentially a forgiveable one - certainly I'll continue with the first issue or two of the actual Rucka run, as I have historically liked his Wonder Woman. But this barely deserves to be called a comic - the overwhelming majority of it is simply an internal monologue on Wonder Woman's part. And not an internal monologue with tension and drive, nor, for that matter, with much artistry. It's mostly just a restatement of the fact that Wonder Woman's origin story is thoroughly and completely fucked. Then Wonder Woman punches a mirror and goes to Olympus for answers, only it's apparently not really Olympus and there aren't any answers given. Or, actually, questions asked. Seriously, I don't think Marvel and DC have managed a feat of synchronized suckage as bad as Rebirth and Civil War II since Zero Hour and the Clone Saga were bowing at the same time twenty-two years ago.

New Avengers #12

There's nothing particularly wrong with this issue, but there's not much that's massively compelling about it either. The character bits are fun - Ewing does some excellent Squirrel Girl bits, a great Hawkeye beat, and some nice setup (it's good to see the Maker back, for instance). But on the whole, it's kind of dismaying for this to already be caught up in another crossover I'm disinclined to read, and I suspect this'll be my last issue barring reader intervention.

Darth Vader #21

Solid rising action, with the requisite things you expect from Darth Vader. Vader intimidates and kills people, Aphra and Triple-Zero are funny, everything moves inexorably towards a conclusion. but Gillen's Darth Vader arcs have all been end-loaded, and his last one looks like no exception. 

The Wicked + The Divine #20

Hm. I can't say I'm overly thrilled with this issue, mostly because it handles the "how Laura survived" issue in a way I generally dislike, which is to reveal that what we saw was presented in an actively misleading manner. It's not a bad issue - the entire "Nergal" section is absolutely hilarious, Cassandra is consistently delightful, and Matthew Wilson is doing some really cool, weird stuff with the colors. But as big reveals go, this one is at the moment leaving me a bit cold. Although I've high hopes that it'll work out, because it's Gillen and WicDiv.

Injection #10

The second arc ends with lots of chilling, meaty stuff, beginning with Ellis doing the classic detective "bring everyone together to explain the plot" resolution, and ending with a nice, disturbing sequence of strange horrors inflicted upon the world by the Injection. In the middle is some fun discussion of money, magic, and religion, and also discussion of sex with ghosts. I hope the break before this comes back isn't too brutally long, as it's an utter delight.

Next Week's Comics

Here's what I'll definitely be getting

  • Klaus #6
  • Lazarus #22
  • Scarlet #10
  • Spider-Gwen #9

If there is anything you would like to see a review of on top of that and you would like to furnish me with a copy, whether via gifting it on Comixology or giving me a download code, let me know of your plans in comments. Or if you think there's something I obviously should buy that I'm not, mention that as well and see if you can persuade me. But broadly speaking, I'm happy to provide regular hate-readings of the latest appalling shit from Marvel and DC, or to try out a new book - just not necessarily on my nickel. 


phuzz 4 years, 7 months ago

Is any of Gillen' s run on Darth Vader released as trades yet?

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Eric Gimlin 4 years, 7 months ago

Looks like the first two arcs and "Vader Down" are all out in trade.

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