Yes, I'm on Pex Lives again.  (I know, it seems like I'm trying to invade the podcast... but you have to remember that, from the point of view of me and Kevin and James, the last one I did was in June.)

This time I'm guesting in a special Christmas bonus episode alongside Gene Mayes, and chatting about the Hammer Frankenstein movies.  Download it here.

This is a good, fun episode... and I think I'm better on this than I was on the last one (more relaxed, as James noticed).


James Murphy 6 years, 1 month ago

There's a lovely pulse to this episode. A cantering momentum. Jack's a star on it, a complete star. The more talking into a microphone you do, the easier it flows and I think having this subject matter was a good fit because he has good feelings around Hammer. The disappointing TV Movie can only engender tired betrayal.

I'm really grateful for his appearances so far and can't wait for the future ones. It's so great to have one of the progenitors of my enthusiasm for talking about this stuff become part of our returning rogue's gallery, our anti-authoritarian Mount Rushmore.

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