God and Monsters

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Sorry for the slightly belated update, but this week has been busy. This week in Oi! Spaceman, we put out the next episode of Searching For Fuchal, discussing Series One, Episode 4: "Waiting For God." The episode is very much about the search for meaning in a vast and uncaring universe, and our podcast attempts to connect Lister's rejection of his own godhood with his essential goodness, and Rimmer's finding patterns that aren't there with the Quagaars with the Cats coming to worship Lister's laundry list. "Waiting For God" is probably the most on-point to the central message of Red Dwarf we've seen yet, and it was actually a joy to revisit for the podcast. Download it here

Over on They Must Be Destroyed on Sight, we welcomed the triumphant (half) return of our old co-host Paul by discussing two sci-fi action films from 1990: Robocop 2 and Predator 2. Highbrow choices, I know. We had a great time chatting about the plundering of public resources by private enterprises, the birth of the neoliberal agenda, and the terribly racist idea of what drug cartels actually did. Also: why Robocop should really be the perfect negotiator. Check it out here.


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