I Don't Speak German, Episode 19 - Jared Taylor and American Renaissance


Again, pardon my forgetfulness.

In this episode, Daniel tells me about the so-called 'godfather of the alt-right' and Richard Spencer's claimed "mentor", Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, one of the most important and idiosyncratic influences on today's resurgent US white supremacism.

Warnings apply.

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Show Notes

Episode 18 additions:

Popular Front: "The American Militia Movement"
"Standoff: Between Two Shotguns" by Ruth Graham at Slate
Knowledge Fight Podcast

Jared Taylor and American Renaissance:

Jared Taylor SPLC

Sam Dickson at Atlanta Antifascists

"The Racists on Ridgeland Way: Ground Zero for Alt-Right Organizing in Atlanta

Sam Francis at the SPLC

"While always a staunch conservative, Francis's views radicalized over time. He began describing himself as a "paleoconservative" focused heavily on racial issues and ended up writing for racist publications like the Council of Conservative Citizens' (CCC) newsletter, Citizens Informer. (The CCC, which had from the late 1980s until the late 1990s dozens of state legislators and other politicians in its ranks, is a white supremacist group that focuses on issues like support for the Confederate battle flag and opposition to non-white immigration, school busing and affirmative action. The group was built using the mailing lists of the White Citizens Councils, organizations formed to fight school desegregation in the South.)

Francis' definitive break with more mainstream conservatism came with his 1995 firing from The Washington Times. The newspaper acted after conservative author Dinesh D'Souza quoted a Francis speech to a 1994 conference put on by the white supremacist and race science journal, American Renaissance. D'Souza wrote that Francis' comments embodied the "new spirit of white bigotry." "

Sam Francis at Amren 1994

American Renaissance SPLC

American Renaissance on Youtube

American Renaissance website

American Renaissance podcast

"A schism over anti-Semitism threatens a key 'white nationalist' group. The outcome could be critical to the radical right." https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/intelligence-report/2006/schism-over-anti-semitism-divides-key-white-nationalist-group-american-renaissance

"HERNDON, Va. -- For a gathering of people devoted to denouncing the inferiority of blacks and sounding the alarm about civilization-threatening Muslims, the biannual conferences thrown by the New Century Foundation, publisher of the racist newsletter American Renaissance, are decidedly genteel affairs. Men dress in suits and ties, women in formal business attire, and there are no uniformed skinheads or Klansmen to be seen. Large plasma television screens, Starbucks coffee spreads and fancy linens adorn the hotel meeting hall. Epithets have no place here.

Or at least they didn't. At the latest edition of the conferences that began in 1994, held this February at the Hyatt Dulles hotel, a nasty spat broke out that upset the gathering's decorum -- and may even shape the future of the radical right.

It began when David Duke, the former Klan leader and author of Jewish Supremacism, strode to a microphone after French author Guillaume Faye wrapped up a talk vilifying Muslims entitled "The Threat to the West." Duke thanked Faye for remarks that "touched my genes." But then he went one further.

"There is a power in the world that dominates our media, influences our government and that has led to the internal destruction of our will and spirit," Duke said, according to an undisputed account in The Forward newspaper.

"Tell us, tell us," someone in the back yelled.

"I'm not going to say it," Duke replied. Laughter began to fill the room, until a short, angry man leaped from his seat, walked up to Duke and began to curse.

"You fucking Nazi, you've disgraced this meeting!" he said."

2000 SPLC report on the first edition of the Color of Crime

The Color of Crime, 2011 edition

The Color of Crime, 2016 edition

Jared Taylor's introduction to the first American Renaissance conference, 1994 (Actual content starts about eight minutes in)

Amren 2019 conference speakers

Jared Taylor banned from Europe until 2021

"Jared Taylor, one of the most prominent white supremacists in the U.S., claimed on his website on Friday that he’d been “banned from Europe” until 2021.
The ban came as Taylor attempted to transfer in Switzerland for a flight to Finland. According to Taylor, Swiss police informed him that Polish authorities had barred Taylor from traveling through the Schengen Zone, a 26-country area of Europe allowing visa-free travel.


"Taylor had been planning on speaking at white supremacist conferences in Scandinavia, including one on Saturday in Stockholm that featured other well-known fascists like Mark Collett and Greg Johnson.

It’s unclear why Polish authorities issued a blanket ban against Taylor. Taylor attributed the ban to a 2018 trip to the country, where he gave multiple television interviews. During that trip, Taylor said that Polish police said he was “spreading a totalitarian ideology.” "

Jared Taylor and American Renaissance sues Twitter for banning over speech content.
American Renaissance Newsletter, November 1990

"Setting the Record Straight: Longtime Partner of Jared Taylor Addresses White Nationalist Criticism"
Paul Kersey at American Renaissance

"Stuff Black People Don't Like" January 2010 at the Internet Archive

SBPDL redirect at Unz Review


Christopher Brown 1 year, 8 months ago

When Dinesh D'Souza is rightly criticizing your views, you're in trouble...

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James Sommerville 1 year, 8 months ago

Another great episode. Learned a tonne. Thanks!

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Comment deleted 1 year, 7 months ago

Diogenes 7 months ago

Jared Taylor is not a white supremacist. He is a race realist.

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Elizabeth Sandifer 7 months ago


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Flynn Hillary 5 months, 3 weeks ago

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