Is this a Shabcast which I see before me? (Shabcast 8)


What bloody man is that?  It's bloody Jack Graham.  Again.

The curtain rises on Shabcast 8.  Listen and/or download here.

Another Shabcast so soon?   Yes, but don't get used to this kind of schedule.  It's only happening because time is out of joint.

This time, myself and my actorly buddy Elliot Chapman (returning guest from the Macra shabcast, and Big Finish's new Ben Jackson) discuss Shakespeare's great tragedy 'Macbeth' (we only shabcast about things that begin with 'mac'), and Shakespeare generally.  We even say the word 'Macbeth' occasionally... hopefully without bringing too much theatrical ill-luck down upon ourselves.  We chat as we watch the TV film of Trevor Nunn's legendary production from 1978, starring Ian McKellen and Judi Dench, and produced by Verity Lambert.  The second most profound material she ever televised.

Elliot will be appearing in a production of 'Macbeth' soon to run in Redcliffe Caves in Bristol, produced by Insane Root as part of the Bristol Shakespeare Festival.  Jack will be appearing in the kitchen soon to make himself an evil sandwich as part of a obscene, perverse ritual.  Root for us insanely, and download our shabcast.

When shall we two meet again?  Probably to discuss macaroni cheese.



Matt Moore 5 years, 8 months ago

...or just a Shabcast of the mind? Good stuff!

Saw a production of Macbeth last year with Hugo Weaving. Weaving was very good (he's a mannered, theatrical actor and sometimes this approach suits the role, sometimes not - in the case of MacBeth it did - as MacBeth is fundamentally a character who is always performing - esp. to himself). The most notable element of the production was that the audience was placed on the stage and the actors roamed about the seating. A neat idea but not sufficiently developed to justify the discomfort.

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