like this (poem)


times like this
hotel alone
panic attack
soon to be crone
new rhythm, new daring
time to make another
can’t find the word, something like life

should be happy
all put away
food in the fridge
dogs are at bay
but this, this, other thing lurking
a freshly calved iceberg about to
can’t find the word, might be like sluice

just keep running?
find it so hard to
can’t find the word, like being together
left behind
this is my way
follow your bliss, follow my this
always calls out
just turn away
keeps me at bay

stumbling slow like
running through sand
the palm of that hand
too late to go back
no, must find a sanctum
desktop, café, cave, bedroom
holds treasure so dear
like a word
just beyond this grasp

steal it
catch the wind
sail away to my garden
feed, water, dress it so fine
in plain sight
inch word

introduce to new friends
in hope of communion
vain hope

for i have no roots


CC0 4 years, 4 months ago

Beautiful as usual :)

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James Murphy 4 years, 4 months ago

A fabulously heavy read. Magic.

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