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I've successfully moved, and even unpacked most of the boxes. So that's nice. Settling and finally getting back to work, at least when I can avoid being horribly distracted by the book I'm reading. (It's a really good book, but alas I can't mention the title.) Finally back to work on Last War in Albion, both revisions and new material. Just had cause to crack open How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way. And the Neoreaction a Basilisk copyedits are almost done. So life is largely good. 

"Battle of the Bastards" review will probably be up Monday morning, as Jill's first day of work is Monday and I'm somewhat disinclined to stay up til 2-3am reviewing Game of Thrones the night before that. 

In other news, friend of the blog James Wylder is running a Kickstarter for Goblinpunk, a Pathfinder and D&D compatible adventure. They're just under $270 from goal with just over a day remaining, so if that's a thing that interests you, well, do the obvious thing.

And that'll do for this week, I reckon.


Homunculette 4 years, 7 months ago

Well, I finally started a blogging project about Adventure Time that I've been thinking about, which I'm posting here with Phil's blessing via tumblr anon. It's kind of an episode guide kind of thing, but the crux of the project will be a series of posts comparing Adventure Time to Discworld, because I think there's a lot to be made with that comparison - both start off as straigtforward fantasy pastiche before moving into weirder territory, both have a strange weakness for benevolent dictatorship, etc.

This post is the one I'm most proud of so far:

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mr_mond 4 years, 7 months ago

Added to my RSS feed – I love Adventure Time and this looks really good. Good luck with the project!

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James Wylder 4 years, 7 months ago

Our Kickstarter ends tonight at midnight so if you're interested now is the time to pledge:)!

Thanks to Phil for the shoutout!!!

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