Saturday Waffling (March 21st, 2015)


Mostly announcements today. First of all, I've revamped the options on the Patreon a bit, changing around some thresholds for things. Comics reviews are now contingent on the Patreon staying over $200 a week, which we're comfortably past at the moment. The continuation of the episode commentary podcasts past the initial eleven will be at $300, which we're near. The Mind Robber will be going up next week sometime, all five episodes at once, on either Tuesday or Thursday depending on when I do the editing. And an extra essay a week is still at $400, which we're rather a ways from, but which I'd obviously love to reach. That extra essay will be something of a floater, allowing for more idiosyncratic and one-off projects, and for more variety, either in two projects running simultaneously, or in getting through things like A Brief Treatise on the Rules of Thrones faster.

I've also added a $5 a week reward tier, whereby backers at that level will get a bunch of extra perks, including free print copies of new books (free ebooks are available at $2 a week), voting for future podcast commentaries, participation in a monthly Q&A, plus joining a rotating sponsorship of Saturday Wafflings, with a link to a site of your choice. You can, as always, back here.

Which brings us to Andrew Morton, sponsor of this week's Saturday Waffling. He's chosen the Verity podcast, which is something I've, personally, been meaning to check out, as I've heard fantastic things about it. I remember meeting one of the women involved at the DePaul University thing a few years ago, and she seemed brilliant and cool, and I just don't ever have time to listen to podcasts. But the Verity podcast is an all-female Doctor Who podcast that has gotten rave reviews - I know Paul Cornell is a huge fan. So, yes, check them out. Do not make the mistakes I make. And thank you Andrew.

Also, I want to thank all of the backers. The Patreon has been a major help over the last few months, and has made the difference between a slowly dwindling savings account and one that's mostly growing faster than it contracts. Notably, when Jill's laptop went to the Great Apple Store in the Sky the other month, this was mostly an inconvenience and not a semi-major crisis. That was due almost entirely to the Patreon. So thank you, everyone. As I've said many times, but not nearly enough, I'm incredibly blessed to have this job.

Also, happy spring. (Or autumn, for the southern hemisphere.) What are people excited about over the next three months?


peeeeeeet 5 years, 10 months ago

Looking forward to Sense8. Not sure whether it'll be any good - I'm not big on the Wachowski's work, but I've never seen a JMS show that wasn't at least fascinating enough to be worth the time.

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jane 5 years, 10 months ago

Looking forward to finishing my work in SLC, driving to Moab and Boulder to visit friend, driving back home, and then maybe visiting more friends on the East Coast. June will be my month of vacation. :)

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Eric Gimlin 5 years, 10 months ago

Right now I'm looking forward to Emerald City Comic Con next weekend. Always a crazy fun show. Also looking forward to your Mind Robber commentary; any excuse to watch that serial again is a good one.

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elvwood 5 years, 10 months ago

Looking forward to an Easter fortnight spent in Northumbria with the family (and with no Internet - so I'd better make sure I've got those commentaries downloaded beforehand). Also, looking forward to reading my children's reviews of The Time Meddler.

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Daru 5 years, 10 months ago

My partner and I have rented and renovated a new art studio in a courtyard on a country estate near us (it's got a spiral staircase!) So we're looking forwards to producing new artworks in the next few months. We have a vegetable garden to dig too.

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