Saturday Waffling (May 28th, 2016)

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Very short today, mostly because getting this up is the last thing I have to do before bed and I'm tired. Though I suspect I'll be back later today with a proper excerpt of the short story that will be the $14,000 stretch goal for Neoreaction a Basilisk, as the Kickstarter's at $11,750 or so, which means we'll probably make $12k today. Here's your convenient link for that.

On the subject of that book, Kit Power did a review of it for Ginger Nuts of Horror, and James Wylder did an interview with me for his site. Both are fun if you've got a few minutes.

Finally, 101 Claras to See, a fan anthology on Clara Oswald co-edited by Caitlin Smith, is in its last weekend of availabilty for a hard copy, and also has an electronic edition for sale. I've got a piece in it that I'm not going to be reprinting elsewhere, and it's also got contributions from both Jane and Jill. That's available here.

And that'll pretty much do us for this morning. Really hoping to be back this afternoon with a chunk of short story and some vague teasing about magical rituals to neuter the alt-right.



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