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All right. Since we finally have an airdate announced, it's probably time to formalize Eruditorum Press's plans for Series 11. As usual, our hope is to do reviews and podcasts of all ten episodes and the Christmas special. And I mean, we really hope to do that. I'm dying to weigh in week by week on a new era of Doctor Who. It sounds amazing. But, of course, bills must be paid, and so there are some Patreon goals we have to meet first. At the time of writing, the Patreon is at $371 a week, just $4 shy of the $375 threshold at which I'll review every episode. So one $5 pledge is all it'll take to make sure that happens. And I've just made an AMA post for $5 patrons, so it's the perfect time to do that.

Podcasts are a little more ambitious, at $400. We might not make that; it'd be the highest the Patreon has ever gone, certainly. But I am an optimistic devil, and I think we can probably just squeak through at that level. So. If you want to hear me round up ten awesome guests and talk about Doctor Who with them, get thee to the Patreon. 

If reviews happen, I'm going to pause the Capaldi Eruditorum entries for ten weeks. The post that will go up on October 1st is a perfect point to pause for a bit, and I think doing so is the right decision for my mental health and productivity. I've been on a grueling production schedule and literally everything is behind, and while I'd love to double run reviews and Eruditorum entries, the reality is that I'd be wiser to let myself do reviews in the first couple days of the week and then have the remainder of the week to work on getting books reissued, revise Eruditorum v7, and make there ever be anohter Last War in Albion post ever. So if we hit reviews, I'll write them as fast as I can, send them out to Patrons, and then put them on the site either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when I'm getting the out to Patrrons because I want them to still get a nice window of exclusivity that makes 'em feel all special and shit.

Finally, I want to just do that obnoxious thing where I get all personal and sentimental. So first of all, thank you to all my Patrons. I love that I can do this job. It's one of the most amazing experiences of my life. That said, the summer has been really rough financially. It's not some sort of dire "The GoFundMe will start imminently" situation, but it's rough ehough that theres a good chance I'm going to need to use the v8 Kickstarter to fund the fulfillment of the v7 one. This isn't because of a drying up in Patrons or anything—the Patreon is doing the best it ever has. It's just a combination of some bad luck and the fact that completly replacing your entire wardrobe from scratch, picking up a bunch of new medical appointments, getting shot in the chin with lasers, and starting to smear a bunch of weird colorful rocks on your face every morning costs money. So while I feel bad aggressively shaking the cup when people are already being so generous and when I can't offer the reviews or podcasts as extra content on top of Eruditorum, I really don't have a choice.

So if you can financially support my work, thank you. And if you can't, as always, thank you too. Your comments, your recommending my work to your friends, and your basic existence are all support too, and the fact that they don't often require lengthy blog posts in which I go begging for them doesn't meant that they are any less welcome or appreciated than financial support.

Once again, the Patreon Link is right here. Thank you all so much.


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Aylwin 2 years, 5 months ago

Well, that escalated quickly.

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David 2 years, 5 months ago

Can't wait! For the reviews and the new books.

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Matthew Young 2 years, 5 months ago

Can there be a stretch goal for providing a fancy microphone to Elizabeth? 😉

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Alex 2 years, 5 months ago

Happy to hear that you're excited to weigh in on the Chibnall era. I'm gagging to see what it's like- literally the only piece of information that we've heard about the new series that doesn't make it sound like the most exciting thing to happen to Doctor Who for years is Chibnall himself... which is admittedly not a small thing, but still. He's been making lots of exciting decisions about the creative and casting side of things, and I'm just hoping he can keep himself out of the way enough for it to play out as it could.

I'm also happy to consider that he's matured as a writer after most of his previous Torchwood/Doctor Who work. Looking at his credits, there's a huge up-tick in the quality of his work post-Camelot, and I'd be delighted if the quality of Broadchurch or even The Power of Three could be carried across.

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