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Stotz and Morgus are united in one last ditch attempt to turn this muddy, bloody clusterfuck into profit.  But Stotz hangs back. 

"Let's get a couple of things straight," he says to Morgus.  "An hour ago you were the boss.  Now that's all changed.  Now you're the same as me.  Just a man with a gun."

"I, the same as you?" demands Morgus imperiously and incredulously, "I'm Morgus, I'm descended from the first colonists." 

But his arrogance is either habit or bafflegab.  They both know this.  And they both know that Morgus needs Stotz to show him the way to Jek's stockpile.  And they both know that more spectrox can be carried by two men than by one, working equally.  And they both know that, once this is done, they will be superfluous to each other.

"If we do happen to come out of this with any spectrox," Stotz continues, "there'll be none of that 'four points for you, one point for me' business.  This time we split it right down the middle.  Agreed?"

"Of course," says Morgus.  ...

Down to the Deeps to Die

The recent Christmas special (which I haven't watched) apparently referenced 'The Caves of Androzani'.

Let's just ponder 'The Caves of Androzani' for a moment.

What's it about?  It's about a commodity that, though it promises eternal life, kills everyone it touches.  It's about a commodity that, though it promises beauty, transforms the world into an ugly hellhole of war, competition, disfigurement, hatred, betrayal and murder.  It's about a commodity that, though it promises eternal youth, brings on the decline and fall of an entire society.  The commodity's hollow promises are echoed in the vanity and narcissism of the people who compete for it - especially in the tragic story of a man who, though not essentially evil, is driven to do vile things by his own wounded vanity.  It's about capitalism as a catastrophic moral, intellectual and social failure... one which we will be lucky to escape from alive.

So... let me ask those who have watched the recent special... did those 'Androzani' references seem thematically appropriate?

I won't insult you by pretending that this isn't a rhetorical question.  You may say the assumptions underlying ...

Nice Guy, Nasty Cosmos

The great Timelash II rehash finally hobbles to a close.  Here's the last roundup.  Seasons 19-21.


This is a story, like ‘Logopolis’, that achieves greatness despite its many flaws. Flaws first:

“Take your hands off me – this is an official uniform!” and “We’re perfectly harmless, unfortunately!”

Seriously… who the hell talks like that? I can forgive “I know so little about telebiogenesis” because Nyssa is an alien scientist child prodigy aristocrat. But Tegan is supposed to be a down-to-earth working woman. And, on that subject, it becomes abundantly clear during this story that the programme makers aren’t going to exploit the contrast between the two characters’ backgrounds and attitudes for interesting dramatic conflict. Nor are they going to milk the business of the Master inhabiting Nyssa’s father’s body for dramatic potential either… though, to her great credit, Sarah Sutton is still trying to use her face to express anguish at the Master’s appearance.

Ainley, it need hardly be said, excels as the delightful Portreeve (channelling Olivier to the point that it becomes beside-the-point that it’s always obvious who he is) but suddenly goes crap when called upon to play an obtuse ...

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