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Eruditorum Presscast: The Pilot

Right! So apparently we're doing podcasts after all! Thanks to everyone who backed the Patreon and made this happen. That link there where it says "backed the Patreon" is a link to the Patreon, btw, and you can click it and give me even more money. 

Anyway, I'm joined this week by our very own Jane Campbell to talk about "The Pilot." That link is to the podcast. You know, if you were confused.

Eruditorum Presscast: Chris O'Leary/David Bowie Memorial

I'm joined by Chris O'Leary of Pushing Ahead of the Dame for a podcast on the obvious topic, as well as several others. We start by talking about Chris's nearly-finished exploration of David Bowie's entire discography (well, actually we start off-topic about Miracleman), move on to how Bowie designed his own death as a pop event, give Kieron Gillen credit for inspiring David Bowie's cancer, and finish with discussions of a strange and motley assortment of Bowie albums both obvious and stranger. All in all, as I joked with Chris after, an hour of discussion containing absolutely no sentiments you'd find in a Guardian think piece about Bowie.

Download it here.

Chris's book, Rebel Rebel, is out of stock at Amazon here

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