The Last War in Albion: Book One

Book One of The Last War in Albion focuses on the earliest work of both Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, starting with their first professional sales in 1979 and going right up until the start of Watchmen, including looks at Moore's run on Swamp Thing, the first two books of V for Vendetta, and in 2000 AD, and Morrison's early work in magazines like Near Myths and Starblazer.


Chapter One: Grant Morrison's Near Myths Work

Chapter Two: Captain Clyde and Starblazer

Chapter Three: Alan Moore's Sounds Work and Maxwell the Magic Cat

Chapter Four: Alan Moore's Doctor Who and Star Wars Work

Chapter Five: Alan Moore's Future Shocks

Chapter Six: Skizz and D&R and Quinch

Chapter Seven: Captain Britain

Chapter Eight: Swamp Thing

Chapter Nine: V for Vendetta (The Warrior Years)

Chapter Ten: The Bojeffries Saga

Chapter Eleven: The Ballad of Halo Jones

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