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The sacred mountain of the Sarns is being engulfed.  Turlough tries to persuade Timanov and the faithful to flee.

"Leave us alone," says Timanov, "We wish to die with our settlement."

You have to wonder if some of the others are truly eager to die needlessly, or whether they are just still under the spell of Timanov's authority.  This is a man who has condemned people to burn many times.

A silver figure walks into the room.

"Logar!" cries Timanov, thinking he is seeing his god.

"On your feet!" shouts the figure.  He is offended by bended knees, yet he is hectoring in his command.  He removes his helmet.  It is Amyand, 'leader' of the unbelievers, wearing a heat-proof suit.  (The Sarn religion is a 'cargo cult', but we'll complain about that - and everything that goes with it - some other time.)

"A deception," says Timanov quietly, a bitter laugh in his voice, "Another deception.  And from a heretic."

Amyand holds out his hand.  There is a way out.

"You will never understand, Amyand," says Timanov quietly, "Logar is everywhere.  He cares for the faithful."

But perhaps it's Timanov ...

Getting into a Lava

Posting this for something to do.  It's a tweaked version of something I originally wrote for Shockeye's Kitchen.  It's been rewritten to be more politically correct.

Several of the characters in 'Planet of Fire' are orphans (either literally or figuratively). Turlough and Malkon are literal orphans. You can look at the Sarns as the orphans of the vanished Trion colony. Peri also seems like an orphan in some ways. Her father is absent (dead?). She tells her stepfather Howard of her plan to travel to Morocco but doesn’t appear to have any plans to tell her mother about it. She goes to Howard for support and money, not to her mother. But Howard is too close to Peri’s age to properly serve as a father figure. Moreover, Peri seems attracted to him; she flirts with him by talking about "the God of love and fertility" and obliquely refers to the fact that he goes around displaying his washboard. Her decision to bunk off to North Africa with a couple of guys she’s just met is obviously a bid for Howard’s attention. Feverish after her brush with death, Peri has an intense ...

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