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White Screen

First - welcome Josh!

Second - I was recently a guest on the Oi! Spaceman team's new(ish) Red Dwarf podcast 'Searching for Fuchal', chatting about the Series 1 episode 'Balance of Power', here.


It's the 22nd of May 2016.  Jack has no idea what's in the charts.

Jack’s at the movies… because, for all the snark, Jack loves big SF movies, even when they’re also superhero movies starring good-but-ridiculously-overrated British actors who unfairly monopolise jobs in the industry.  Jack has also always had a soft spot for the X-Men movies.  For all their flaws, Jack likes the way they try to engage with material politics and history.  They do so far more successfully than the Watchmen movie did, though Jack wouldn’t want to comment on the source material as he’s never read it.  (Jack plans to.  Jack read From Hell at Phil’s insistence, and loved it.) 

Jack’s waiting for the movie to start.  Jack is only mildly irritated by the routine discomfort of the seating, and the less-routine smell of someone’s dirty feet from somewhere else in the theatre.  (Jack’s irritation at the latter will grow throughout the ...

X Marks the Shit

?"You need to see X-Men First Class Jack, you'll love it, I promise!"

Nope. Sorry.

Fassbender spends the movie auditioning to take over from Daniel Craig. Kevin Bacon excepted, none of the others can act at all.

The Cuban Missile Crisis is fidgeted with to the point of incomprehensibility. The Russians send missiles to Cuba despite a full US Naval blockade... because one general has been threatened... and this makes the entire politburo accede to nuclear suicide? Well, I guess that's why their culture produces mutants that look like Satan.

It's the usual reactionary farrago of lies.

The standard crap about how homo sapiens wiped out the Neanderthals is repeated yet again. It's an obsession of pseudo-thoughtful pop-culture and it's a lie. Nobody knows how homo sapiens and Neanderthal man interacted. There is no data. That the null hypothesis of capitalist culture is that homo sapiens went on a genocidal killing rampage tells you more about capitalism than about homo sapiens.

And the Nazi war criminal goes to work for the Russians, which is another lie. The ex-Nazis all went to work for the West. West Germany was run by ex-Nazis, a couple of cosmetic ...

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