The 2018 Do People Still Get eReaders For Christmas Sale


It's Boxing Day, which means that it's time to put a bunch of Eruditorum Press books on sale until New Year's. This year I've gone with something relatively simple. All four in-print books are on sale on Smashwords for $2.99 instead of their usual $4.99. You can get them at the links below, using the coupon codes listed.

TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 1: William Hartnell: JK89H

TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 2: Patrick Troughton: VW79W

TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 3: Jon Pertwee: MK73F

Neoreaction a Basilisk: CC25E

I've also, because I've been slow getting them back into print, put my out of print books temporarily back in print in their deadnamed editions for anyone who missed them and is desperate to catch up. I've set them all at "name your own price." I set a recommended price of 99 cents because they made me set one, but you should please consider the name your own price a tip jar. Do not feel bad about naming a price of free. All I'll ask is that if you do grab them for free, please consider paying for them when they come out in upgraded editions over the next few months. Anyway, these will be on sale through January 1st. No coupons needed.

TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 4: Tom Baker and the Hinchcliffe Years

TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 5: Tom Baker and the Williams Years

TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 6: Peter Davison and Colin Baker

A Golden Thread: A Critical History of Wonder Woman

The Last War in Albion Volume 1: The Early Work of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison

Enjoy. We'll be back next week for a review of Resolution.


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Andrew 2 years ago

Picked one up. Thanks for the reminder.

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William Chambers 1 year, 8 months ago

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