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I'm joined for this by Jon Blum, the other half of the legendary Ormanblum from whence the best Doctor Who novels emerge. We talk Sherlock, then do a nice career-spanning interview that includes the sordid tale of the fourth-best Zygon story ever filmed. It's good stuff, and available for your listening pleasure here.

I also, if you missed it, guested on the Oi! Spaceman podcast to talk Mawdryn Undead, Moffat and feminism, and Vox Day. It's the highest concentration of beard possible in Doctor Who fandom, and you can download it here.


Max Curtis 5 years ago

So how long will it be before Gallifrey Base is finally an abandoned husk? You're probably aware that the mods have closed the long-running Spoiler and Speculation thread, which to me signals the eventual death of the forum.

As for Sherlock, I think The Abominable Bride suggests that Sherlock's subconscious is really just Arthur Conan Doyle. What strikes me about the suffragette death cult is it's exactly the sort of plot that Doyle would've written if he had any interest whatsoever in the subject of women's rights. I just find that so wonderful, and a neat little blend of the metatextual vs. psychoanalytical readings. Sherlock's psychosis is metatext. Whatever the episode's problems, that's still enough to win me over.

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MattM 5 years ago

If it were really more 'pure' Doyle and less Sherlock, the solution would be that the ghostly bride was a real ghost ;)

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Sean Case 5 years ago

Is it just me, or do you keep saying "abominabubble"?

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Iain Coleman 5 years ago

The second most annoying thing about this podcast is that it is 2 hours and 21 minutes long, which is at least four times as long as any podcast has any business being.

The first most annoying thing about this podcast is that the content is so interesting and the conversation so engaging that you end up listening to all 2 hours and 21 minutes even though you had no intention of ever doing so.

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