The Annual "I Hope You're Enjoying The E-Reader You Got For Christmas" Sale


December's royalty charts are always really funny - there's a visible spike in print books in the first half of the month, which makes sense, but it suddenly levels out in the last week with a spike in ebooks. My assumption has always been that loads of people get e-readers of various sorts for Christmas and proceed to buy books.

So on the assumption that this just happened to you, or just that you might want to get yourself or someone a little something extra, Eruditorum Press is pleased to announce its new Boxing Day tradition, the "I Hope You're Enjoying the E-Reader You Got For Christmas" sale.

The sale is conducted at Smashwords, where you can download the books in any e-Reader format you want. Here's what we've got.

A Golden Thread - An Unofficial Critical History of Wonder Woman: Normally $7.99. Use the coupon code EP73F to get it for $4.99.

TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 1: William Hartnell (First Edition): Normally $4.99, and going out of print in favor of the imminently-releasing second edition within a week or two. Get it for only 99 cents with the coupon code VQ35B.

TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 2: Patrick Troughton: Normally $4.99. Use the coupon code TC52N to get it for $1.99.

TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 3: Jon Pertwee: Normally $4.99. Use the coupon code CJ43N to get it for $2.99.

TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 4: Tom Baker and the Hinchcliffe Years: Normally $4.99. Use the coupon code MM64Z to get it for $3.99.

The Last War in Albion Chapters 1-2: Grant Morrison's Early Work: Normally $1.99. Use the coupon code QT27K to get it for free.

The Last War in Albion Chapter 3: Alan Moore's Sounds Work and Maxwell the Magic Cat: Normally $2.99. Use the coupon code ZM94P to get it for $0.99.

The Last War in Albion Chapter 4: Alan Moore's Star Wars and Doctor Who: Normally $2.99. Use the coupon code TY77E to get it for $0.99.

All of the coupon codes are valid through January 1st - just apply them at checkout to reduce the price.

Thanks for an amazing year. There's plenty of good stuff planned for 2014, and I look forward to showing it to you.

Thea Gilmore will play you out.

If you say the Elvis Costello/Chieftans version is better, I will poison you first.


Fiz Wahid 7 years ago

Nabbed the free book (natch) and the William Hartnell book. Cheers!

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brownstudy 7 years ago

I already have a complete set for my Sandifer shelf, so I've been enjoying Christmas all year long.

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Anton B 7 years ago

Downloaded my Kickstarter donation free copy of the revised Hartnell as my Xmas present to myself. Loved the new articles, particularly 'An Adventure in Space and Time'. Thanks Phil and I hope you're enjoying your Xmas holiday.

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elvwood 7 years ago

Took the free one and the Hinchcliffe one - I've already been enjoying the Kickstarter Hartnell, though unlike Anton B I've been avoiding the AAiS&T essay since I still haven't got around to watching it!

Many thanks, and happy festive season!

P.S. My Who-related Christmas gifts were:

1. Enemy of the World. I am very much looking forward to this; I presumably saw it on original transmission, but can remember nothing about it since I was three at the time and it was the monsters that made the biggest impression.

2. Project: Destiny. This will open the door to five other McCoy audios I own but which have been avoiding hearing, since it was recommended that I listen to P:D first. That includes A Death in the Family, one of the best-loved BF audios.

That and some eBook reading should do me fine!

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Unknown 7 years ago

I gave up on "Last War" early on, and I know (and frankly, at least to date, care) nothing about Wonder Woman, but your work on Doctor Who has been so insightful, fun, and intimidatingly brilliant, Phil, that I suspect the problem is me and not you. This sale is enough of an incentive for me. Picking those up on Smashwords now...

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BerserkRL 7 years ago

If you say the Elvis Costello/Chieftans version is better, I will poison you first.

The William Hartnell version is better.

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Phil Friel 7 years ago

I grabbed the four TARDIS Eruditorum books and the free Grant Morrison book. If I like the free book, I'll go for the other Last War in Albion titles. The Wonder Woman book isn't really my thing, as the only time the character has ever remotely interested me was way back when I was a hormone-overwhelmed teenager gawping at the magnificent Lynda Carter in the 70s TV series. :)

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Scott Simmons (Secret-HQ) 7 years ago

I cadged all nine of the suckers during the sale.

However, I'm having trouble with the .MOBI files for first-edition "Hartnell" and chapters 3 and 4 of "Last War in Albion" on Kindle and Kindle for Android. Is there something different/amiss about their .MOBI formatting?

Some details: I'm e-mailing files to my Kindle address. The others work brilliantly (haven't picked up "Albion" 5 yet, but I will today), but the three named above are rejected by the Kindle conversion/loading service at the other end of my e-mail. I can open all three with the Kindle app directly; I just can't get them into my Amazon Cloud account for syncing my metadata, which is important to me, since I annotate and highlight my books pretty heavily.

Anyone else? Any ideas?

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Elizabeth Sandifer 7 years ago

I've never used the Kindle email service, so I can't troubleshoot easily. If you send me an email at snowspinner at gmail I'll send you the Kindle Store .mobi files for both books - you can see if those work better.

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