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Remember how the accuracy-nazis used to insist upon referring to 'An Unearthly Child' as '100,000 BC' (and 'The Daleks' as 'The Mutants' and 'Galaxy 4' as 'Enid Harper Collects Her Son Ian From His Karate Lessons') and so on?  Despite the fact that doing so was really, really embarassing?

Actually, I think DWM still do that.  Not sure.  Ages since I read it.  (Which is a lie because I read the copy with my name in from cover to cover.)

Anyway, remember that whole original titles thing?

Well, the original title of this venture that you're currently reading, when it was still just a glint in my bloodshot eye and long before I came up with 'Shabogan Graffiti', was... *drum roll puh-leeze* 'Carmine Seepage'.

I mention this because:

a) you didn't look bored enough, and

b) it is the context behind my new banner/logo thing (see above).

Originally, the banner/logo thing for 'Carmine Seepage' was going to be melty red lipstick-writing on 80s-style TARDIS walls.  (My demographic don't need this reference explained.)  But then I came up with the graffiti theme.  And my old website wouldn't let me add my own logo anyway.

But I've been rejigging the look of this blog lately and reworked the red-on-roundels notion with my lovely graffiti font (which is a free one called 'The Battle Continuez', just in case you were dying to know that).

I really don't know why I'm telling you this.


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