The Husbands of River Song/Series 9 Wrapup Podcast


Right. Loads of stuff. First off, just a heads up, I'm bumping Last War in Albion one more week because I decided I don't want to launch a new chapter on a holiday and then drop a Sherlock review on top of it later in the day. There'll still be Friday morning content though.

Second, James Taylor has posted his usual process blog for the Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons cover which is, as usual, fascinating and worth reading. And of course you can still buy that book right here if you're in the US, or here if you're in the UK, and I hope you will because it's lovely.

But for our main event, I'm joined by the brilliand Andrew Ellard for the last of our Doctor Who Series 9 podcasts to talk about The Husbands of River Song and then to go meander over a season recap because why not. You can grab that right here.


ScarvesandCelery 5 years ago

I agree completely with Andrew Ellard about "The Girl Who Died". I actually cheered a little because he's praising it for the exact same reasons I've been telling a friend of mine (who's somewhat indifferent to it) it's brilliant. The Mire are terribly unthreatening stock Doctor Who villains, and that's the point, dammit!

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Jack Graham 5 years ago

Been driven mad trying to think who Andrew Ellard's voice reminds me of. Finally got it: Keith Chegwin.

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