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Hi, everyone. 

I don't have anything for you today, though I am currently tinkering with a couple of things that might end up being postable. 

But neither of those are ready yet, so or today I'll have to just point you towards a new episode of Consider the Ray Gun, the strand of WWA in which Daniel chats with someone about a book. 

This week it's Kit rejoining Daniel for a conversation about the early Richard Bachman (Stephen King) novel The Long WalkListen/download here

It's every bit as good as their recent episode on Ender's Game.

CtRG started as part of Oi! Spaceman, so previous episodes can be found here.

Happy New Year all.




George Lock 2 years ago

Thoroughly enjoyed both these podcasts, especially Long Walk, having only just read that a few months ago. I second the call for a Running Man CtRG!

Also, I know it wasn't linked to in this post, but Jack's Alex Jones impression in the drunken Trumpcast has to be my pick for the funniest thing to come out of 2018.

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Comment deleted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Comment deleted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

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