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Couple of business updates for everyone.

First of all, TARDIS Eruditorum v5 is back in print just in time for the holidays. The Kindle and print editions are still stubbornly not connecting with one another, so here they are: 



At this point, volumes 1-5 of TARDIS Eruditorum, Last War in Albion 1, and Neoreaction a Basilisk are all back in print. I expect I'll get v6 early next year, and v7 out in general... ooh, I had been saying January/February, but let's call it March/April just cause November was kind of a train wreck for productivity. I have like three more essays to write, but they all involve a lot of television watching that I just haven't found time for.

Speaking of Neoreaction a Basilisk, I've cut the UK Kindle price to the bare minimum for a bit in case anyone needs some cathartically funny reading about how we're all fucked.

Finally, I wanted to highlight that Dalek Eruditorum is still only at the baseline 13 post version, with the Patreon stalled at $667. So it needs $33 to get the second swath of stories, and $83 to get the third. Perhaps more to the point, though, the Patreon is a full $133 away from me reviewing Series 12 of Doctor Who. Yes, I know that's a very high goal. But equally, Series 11 was terrible and depressing and if I'm going to choke out another ten essays of trying to evaluate the Chibnall era then I'm going to need to be paid very well for it. That said, it'd feel weird and sad not to review Doctor Who, and so I remain hopeful that there'll be a big surge of Patrons that will get me to that goal. 

But let's start with $33 to make Dalek Eruditorum a twenty-six week affair. To review, that will mean I cover The War Machines, Enemy of the World, Inferno, The Sea Devils, The Ark in Space, Horror of Fang Rock, The Horns of Nimon, Enlightenment, Terror of the Vervoids, Paradise Towers, Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel, The Bells of Saint John, and World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls. So if that sounds good, the Patreon is right where it always is.


Simon Simmons 11 months, 3 weeks ago

With the set of TARDIS Eruditorm books back in print, am I likely to receive the copies I paid for as part of your funding drive when you were first planning the McCoy volume?

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