WWA Footnote #4 (Daniel and Jack): Writing About the Right


So, as you might be aware, Phil’s new book Neoreaction a Basilisk is for sale in various formats, available from all good evil corporations that treat their employees like slaves:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

And in EPUB form at Smashwords.

I was proud to contribute something to one of the new essays in the book, the one about the Austrian school, entitled ‘No Law for the Lions and Many Laws for the Oxen is Liberty’. I’ve recently been publishing off-cuts from what I wrote for that essay here at this site, and will continue to do so.  If only because they fill up Fridays.

Today, however, you’re getting a podcast featuring me chatting with Daniel Harper.

It’s another Wrong With Authority Footnote, and in it Daniel and I chat about the Right, and about the fact that both of us have been researching them and writing about them recently – Daniel for a forthcoming project he’s cooking up which will be brilliant when it finally lands. I, of course, talk a bit about the Austrians essay for Neoreaction a Basilisk already mentioned.

Download here.

By the way, my Patreon sponsors got this ages ago.  They’re also getting my weekly posts early and exclusive access to long sections cut from the final form of the Austrians essay.  There’s no tier structure at the moment.  Give me a dollar a month and you get access to everything.

While at Wrong With Authority, you might want to also try our other recent episodes (if you haven’t already).  There’s the first episode of our new ‘Consider the Reagan’ strand, in which we do commentaries on the movies of the 80s that formed us.  Episode One is about Back to the Future.  And there’s our episode about the one year Trumpaversary.

 Also, I just hit 1K Followers on Twitter, which was nice.  As a celebration, I'm asking people to send me questions.  If I get enough interesting ones, I'll do some sort of roundup of answers, either as an essay or a podcast.  Please don't leave them here as I'd like to keep them private before they get answered.  Send them to me in DMs on Twitter.  I'm @_Jack_Graham_.



Eve 5 months, 1 week ago

I wondered what the robot had to do with the Right and then I remembered it's the one that politely asks homeless people to leave.

I am waiting for someone to push that thing over. Sorry I can't be there to do it myself.

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