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Saturday Debugging

This is just a quick update on the state of the site.

Things are, as predicted, much better on the new host. The horrible proxy errors are gone, and things are much more harmonious. There were some lingering issues from the migration that took a few weeks to quash (we went an entertainingly long time without the ability to delete spam comments), but we've now got that sorted and are moving forward, with the current priority being making comments less awful and fixing the variety of display bugs (especially on mobile). Yes, replacing those captchas is first on the list. Look forward to it!

If you have any questions about the technical side of things, feel free to ask in the (currently still frustrating) comments.

O brave new webhost, that has such capacity in't!

Hey everyone, websquid here. I apologize for the unplanned outage! The site was barely working anyway, so hopefully this is much much better.

Things got... untenable, with our previous host. It is my sincere hope that that is now over. If you do continue to have problems loading the site, *please* reach out to me, directly, and not Phil or any of the other lovely people who actually write things for the site. You can reach me at

The State of the Site: A Technical Update

Hello kind friends!

Anna the websquid here, with an update on the site. In short, we are aware of the various issues afflicting the site, and I'm working on them as fast as I can. This is a part-time gig on my part, so the amount of time I have to work on issues is limited. But we know the captchas suck, we know about the mobile formatting issues, we know pages are loading slow, we know about the 502s.

The best way to report site issues or complaints: check our issue tracker, and if you don't see the issue there, you can send an email to (Alternately, if you're the sort of person who githubs, feel free to open an issue directly on the issue tracker.)

Some technical notes, for the curious:

I'm currently prioritizing the latency/availability issues. Our current webhost is proving to be a bad fit for our needs in a number of ways, chief amongst them the difficulty in setting up meaningful monitoring metrics. As a result, we haven't even been able to reliably identify where in the stack the latency issues are occurring, or whether the ...

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