Shabcast 41.2 - Holly Explains Final Fantasy VII to Jack, Part 2

Here is the next part of the loooong discussion between myself and Holly Boson (@fireh9lly) in which Holly explains Final Fantasy VII to me, a total novice, in pitiless detail.

This episodes moves on from preparatory context to the basics of the game and its history, Holly's textual approach to the game, and such subjects as Cloud Strife, fandom, shipping, etc.

Content warnings apply from this point on because some potentially troubling issues are mentioned.

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IDSG Ep77 Capitol Coup

Daniel and Jack respond to the Jan 6th 2021 attack/coup-attempt on the Capitol Building, Washington D.C.

Content Warnings.

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Episode Links/Notes:

Robert Evans, "How the Insurgent and MAGA Right are Being Welded Together on the Streets of Washington, DC"

NY Times "The Daily" Georgia Runoffs Part 2.

Nick Fuentes Stop The Steal DC Speech:

Full Livestream "Save America" Rally Jan 6, 2021.

Mother Jones,"Meet the Right-Wing Trolls Behind “Stop The Steal”"

Ali Alexander claims he put together the January 6 ...

Revolution of the Daleks Review

This review was brought to you by 106 patrons over at Chrisine's Patreon. Thank you to everyone who helped my daughter through a long, difficult, and ultimately transformative year. I'm real proud of her.

The nice thing about the festering debacle that was The Timeless Children immediately followed by the *entire rest of 2020* is that it finally lowers your standards enough to appreciate Chibnall. Was this good? Absolutely not. Did I care anymore? Also no. So, you know. Detente. It was, at the very least, not actively, malignantly bad. It was instead just sort of inoffensively there. An entirely adequate piece of Doctor Who. Given that even Davies and Moffat failed to achieve that about half the time on their Christmas specials, this has to be taken as some sort of result.

For the most part, what we have here is Chibnall’s worst instincts being overcome by sheer volume. At the end of the day a double companion departure, two returning villains, and Captain Jack is simply enough stuff that as long as you don’t do something like have the Doctor stand still for half an episode while the villain explains the plot to her you can ...

IDSG Ep76 Birth of a Nation

And so 2020 - notable mostly for being IDSG's second year - comes to an end.  This time, in a change to the advertised program, and with apologies for our absence throughout most of this last month, we return with another of our periodic movie discussion episodes, this time looking at D. W. Griffith's epic, lauded, infamous, three-hour, silent-era blockbuster of hate, prejudice, and bigotry, Birth of a Nation.

Content warnings very much apply.

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The promised Part 2 of our coverage of Tom Metzger should be along as the first IDSG of the new year. 

Thank you all for sticking with us through thick and thin, sending us words of encouragement... and special thanks to those of you who helped us out financially.  Let's hope we all have a better one in 2021.  We have plans for the show in the new year, so stay tuned and stay safe.


Notes: Birth of a Nation (1915) Full Movie on YouTube:

The Clansman (1905) Full Text:

Birth of a Nation at Wikipedia: ...

Shabcast 41: Holly Explains Final Fantasy VII to Jack, Part 1

The first part of a new, multi-part Shabcast in which my brilliant friend, writer and podcaster Holly Boson (@fireh9lly), takes me on a journey into a realm of which I was previously entirely ignorant, the complex labyrinth that is the Final Fantasy series of video games, especially Final Fantasy VII.  

This first episode is an hour long and is just the preparatory context she needed to give me to set me up for the actual trip.  

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IDSG Ep76, on D.W. Griffith's three-hour silent epic of hate Birth of a Nation, will be up soon.  Hopefully tomorrow.

The Annual Slightly More Post-Christmas Than Usual Ebook Sale

Hello and happy "Oh thank God the recycling people are finally coming to get rid of all these boxes" day. Sorry I didn't get this up sooner, but here is the traditional post-Christmas ebook sale.

Our headline item is Volume 1 of The Last War in Albion for a mere 99 cents. I'll be starting work on Last War in Albion Volume 3 as soon as this year goes into the rear view mirror, so it's the perfect time to catch up. Volume 2 remains in blog form in omnibus chapter-long editions that are also extra easy to read. Volume 3 will start work on my Patreon on January 1st. But the massively oversized Volume 1, featuring the early career works of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, is yours for 99 cents.

We've also got a sale on all volumes of TARDIS Eruditorum, including a small sale on the only just released Volume 7. Those increase in price as you go through the series as follows:

Volume 1: $0.99
Volume 2: $0.99
Volume 3: $1.99
Volume 4: $1.99
Volume 5: $2.99
Volume 6: $2.99
Volume 7: $3.99

And finally ...

Olive Peaseblossom in... Hive City Hootenanny

Penn and I finished a second comic! Here it is, in all its very silly glory. Clicking to expand images works. If you'd like to read artists notes, they're up at Penn's site (where the comic is also frankly in a better for reading version), and I have writers notes up at Patreon.

Think this is it for me this year. I'll see you all in January for Doctor Who discourse, which I'm sure you're all terribly excited for. And it shouldn't be too far into 2021 that Last War in Albion starts up again here.


We Will Reach The Promised Land: Liberal Science Fiction at the Fall of Democracy

There isn’t any promised land. This is just… it’s a superstition that you have picked up from all the humanity you’ve stuffed inside yourself. - Doctor Who, “Deep Breath”

I’ve been on a weird media kick for the past month. It started with that HBO Max West Wing reunion, which sparked a nostalgia for a show whose impeccable craft of writing is matched only by its absolutely dire sense of politics. That led to rewatching some favorite episodes in the lead-up to the election, a carefully tailored medial junk food to wash out the obvious taste. Then, in the wake of the election, as Donald Trump’s idiot coup meandered onwards, I found myself reading Obama’s memoir, A Promised Land. And around that time Season 4 of The Crown dropped, which Jill and I watch, so obviously I sat down with that, and by the time it had roughly caught up with Earthshock I’d well and truly fallen down a very strange rabbit hole of ritually fetishized liberalism. 

Consider this essay my climb back up.

Let’s start with The West Wing, which has aged more strangely than any other critically acclaimed TV show I can think of. On the one hand ...

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