WWA Footnote #4 (Daniel and Jack): Writing About the Right

So, as you might be aware, Phil’s new book Neoreaction a Basilisk is for sale in various formats, available from all good evil corporations that treat their employees like slaves:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

And in EPUB form at Smashwords.

I was proud to contribute something to one of the new essays in the book, the one about the Austrian school, entitled ‘No Law for the Lions and Many Laws for the Oxen is Liberty’. I’ve recently been publishing off-cuts from what I wrote for that essay here at this site, and will continue to do so.  If only because they fill up Fridays.

Today, however, you’re getting a podcast featuring me chatting with Daniel Harper.

It’s another Wrong With Authority Footnote, and in it Daniel and I chat about the Right, and about the fact that both of us have been researching them and writing about them recently – Daniel for a forthcoming project he’s cooking up which will be brilliant when it finally lands. I, of course, talk a bit about the Austrians essay for Neoreaction a Basilisk already mentioned.

Download here.

By the way, my Patreon sponsors got this ages ago.  They’re also getting my ...

Hyrule Haeresis 9

And so it begins once again. And so it ends.

The stargazers tell us that when we look deep into the Night Sky, were are looking back in Time. Even at the speed of light, we can only see the stars as they once were, not as they are now. Hence, when we cast our gaze Skyward, we peer into our past.

It is always in Faroff Heaven where we seek our Origin. The foundational myth any state tells itself is of the separation between Earth and Heaven, because those in power cannot maintain it through divine right if the divine is accessible to anyone. And the Origin Story is always the tale which explains to us why the world is the way that it is. Our Natural Order issued to us from an aloof and distant land in a time so long ago it cannot be changed any longer. When Heaven is removed from us Heaven becomes banal. Or perhaps another Lament for a lost Golden Age, lost so long ago it might as well have been in Heaven? Some stories tell us how to get along with each other or how we might learn something of the nature ...

Neoreaction a Basilisk: Book Launch

Proverbs of Hell will return next week.

Eruditorum Press is pleased to announce the publication of Neoreaction a Basilisk, my new collection of seven essays about the alt-right and the end of the world. A book of insane philosophy for our insane world, Neoreaction a Basilisk asks what the left can and should do in the face of literally apocalyptic defeats. Equal parts menacing horror philosophy and snarky humor, Neoreaction a Basilisk is less a roller coaster ride than a runaway train plummeting straight off a cliff and into a strange and tenebrous abyss beyond human comprehension. While making fun of right-wing assholes. And Eliezer Yudkowsky. In other words, exactly the book you need to make sense of 2017.

It's currently available in a variety of formats. All with a typically brilliant cover by James Taylor, who took the DIY cover of the Kickstarter editions and classed it up a bit while retaining the basic aesthetic. Anyway, you can get it at these links:

KINDLE: US Store. UK Store.

PRINT: US Store. UK Store.

EPUB: Smashwords.

It's also available in a variety of other national iterations of Amazon, and I trust you to find it there.

If I ...

Chill Out, Hayek! - Part 1

In The Reactionary Mind, Corey Robin claimed - drawing on Naomi Klein and Greg Grandin – that Hayek “admired Pinochet’s Chile so much that he decided to hold a meeting of his Mont Pelerin Society in Viña del Mar”, the seaside resort in Chile where General Pinochet’s CIA-assisted military coup against the democratically elected left-wing government of Salvador Allende was planned.  This claim was denounced on Twitter as “made up” by none other than ‘@FriedrichHayek’ himself!  (Probably just a fan rather than the man himself resurrected and tweeting… as usual, Hayek’s admirers simply deny his complicity with the Chilean junta, when they can’t get away with just neglecting to mention it.  As Robin discovered, they have lots of excuses - he was an old man at the time, etc - all of which turn out to be so much bad faith when you look at them.)  Checking, Robin discovered that it is more accurate to say that Hayek attended the meeting where the decision to hold the MPS’s 1981 conference in Viña del Mar was made and, at least, did not oppose it.  His position in the Society was still prestigious enough that, at the very least, an objection from him ...

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Buying Guide

A combination of technical setbacks and my own incompetence ruined another recording session, so I don't have a video for you this week. Instead, here's something I've been sitting on that I'd planned to post here next year, so consider it another rough draft of sorts. I'll update it with new info on Skyrim for the Switch and Skyrim VR for the HTC Vive as it becomes available to me.

While you're at it, why not check out some of the other things I've done on Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls with Ben Knaak?





The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of my absolute favourite games, and I cannot put into words how formative and important it's been to me over the years. So I'm not going to try. Instead, I'm going to encourage you to explore this world for yourself if you haven't already, and thankfully, TESV is such a modular and flexible game and is available on so many systems you can now experience it pretty much regardless ...

The Proverbs of Hell 28/39: Primavera

PRIMAVERA: Hoo boy. OK, so the course of an Italian menu between antipasto and secondo is supposed to be “primo.” This is often a pasta course, but can also be a risotto, a soup, or some similar hot course. One such dish certainly could be pasta primavera, which is a pasta and vegetable dish that takes its name from the Italian word for spring, which is “primavera.” This dish, however, is not actually Italian - it’s an American dish dating to the 1970s and likely first prepared in Nova Scotia. And more to the point, “primavera” on its own is not actually a food word at all. In fact this episode belongs more to the titling scheme of the second half of the season, as we’ll see in a bit.

HANNIBAL: I let you know me. See me. A rare gift I've given you. But you didn't want it. 


HANNIBAL: You would deny me my life. 

WILL GRAHAM: Not your life. 

HANNIBAL My freedom, then. You'd take that from me. Confine me to a prison cell. Do you believe you could change me the way I've ...

Trumpism 2: Electoral Boogaloo (or Podcasting the Trumpaversary with WWA)

A year (or so) ago, the unthinkable happened.  So, of course, we podcasted about it.

That was thisThis is now.

This time, Daniel has called Kit and Jack back to the WWA recording bunker, joined by James too this time, to talk about what it's like to have lived a full year since Trump 'won' the 2016 US Presidential 'election'. 

This is what happened...


Show notes: Main Topic: Trumpism At One Year. Introducing the band. Non-productive news obsession. Alabama and purity. James praises his co-hosts. Corbyn and the soft left. . Misplaced catastrophism. The first few weeks. John McCain. The roles of the two parties. Kit's personal and political issues. Don't watch the news. Obligatory Batman reference. Bush and some weird shit. The Republicans and Obama. Activists. Discipline. Factionalism and the ACA. High floor in polls. "This is fine." Easy versus hard. New normal in global capitalism. The bumbling chessmaster. Scarmucci. Pizza-eating billionaire. Republican Dave. Mocking the empty suit. Form and content. Natural charisma. "No-drama Obama." The 2016 primary bullshit. Homeopathic socialism. "Gary Hart Would Have Won." Women's march. Drifting left on social issues. Obama was Republican enough. Back to Roy Moore ...

Monday Stumbling Blearily Into a Dunkin Donuts

"Proverbs of Hell" will run tomorrow because I forgot to screenshot the images on my desktop before leaving the house for a laptop-only day. So instead we bring you a general update on where the site is, since we let the two year anniversary pass without any real mention. There's a fair amount to cover, but let's start with blog stuff, as it's where things get interesting. Obviously Proverbs of Hell is my current project. It'll run more or less uninterrupted until late February. After that, my desired next project is the Peter Capaldi era of TARDIS Eruditorum.

Yup. It's happening. Well, hopefully. RIght now it's the $300 goal on the Patreon, which is at $283. I'm not really worried about it hitting $300 for new TARDIS Eruditorum. But what I'm curious whether we can make the $350 goal happen. At $300 I'll blog all the episodes from Deep Breath through Twice Upon a Time, but just those. At $350 you'll get all the other bits - the Pop Between Realities, the Outside the Governments, and the You Were Expecting Someone Elses. (And maybe a Time Can Be Rewritten. We'll ...

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