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Last War in Albion

Last War in Albion is an ongoing feature of this site, currently running on Mondays. It is an ongoing critical history of the British comics industry focused primarily on the magical war between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. Its primary narrative runs from the publication of Grant Morrison’s earliest professional comics work in 1978 through to the present day, although its style is characterized by frequent digressions both forwards and backwards in history.

The structure of Last War in Albion is an ongoing serial, with each entry following directly from the end of the previous one. Topics are often covered over two or more posts. Jumping around will thus produce some confusion, although hopefully a pleasant and entertaining level.

The nature of this project means a lot of crawling around through the archives and trying to piece together timelines of decades old events. This at times requires tremendous practical help, and several people have provided various forms of material support in writing this project. To wit, I would like to extend special thanks to Meredith Collins, David Dovey, Ben Hansom, Andrew Hickey, Pádraig Ó Méalóid, Lance Parkin, Alex Reed, Matt Feltman, Roger Whitson, Anna Wiggins, and, of course, Jill Buratto. 

The blog versions of Books One and Two were written prior to Morrison’s use of they/them pronouns.