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Just been reading the lovely Colin Baker's (less than warm) remarks about his encounter with Jimmy Savile on the... umm... Daily Mail website.  Bleurgch.  I won't link.

Found this delightful comment below.  As ever, click to enlarge.

It may be trolling, of course... but I doubt it.  It has the ring of genuine idiocy about it.

It restores a little bit of one's faith in humanity to see that even the Daily Mail readers downvoted this icky little splat of blinkered, slavering, buttmunching cockwitttery.

Just shows.  It's a jungle out there.


Red Mike 8 years, 2 months ago

I notice that commenter is listed as Anthony or rather Anthonyyy and is commenting from Thailand. Given that Thailand is infamous for sex tourism and that Anthony is defending Jimmy a confirmed Paedophile, perhaps Anthonyyy is feeling a bit nervous.

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