Shabcast 23, Part 1 - The Ruling Class Thinks Idiocracy and Democracy are Synonyms


Please find attached the latest Shabcast.  It's the first part of another long chat between myself and Daniel.  In this episode we talk about the 2006 Mike Judge movie Idiocracy, which is 'relevant' nowadays as loads of people have jumped to the wrong conclusions about the Trump phenomenon and clambered aboard the everyone's-an-idiot-nowadays-except-me bandwagon, using Idiocracy as a cultural touchstone.  (Seriously, google the phrase 'Trump Idiocracy' and behold the avalanche of sneering, purblind, elitest drivel.)  Daniel has little time for the film and isn't shy about saying why.  And nor am I. 

Download or listen here.

The rest of this Shabcast will be available on Thursday, and will feature Daniel and myself moving on to the broader (and connected) subject of the New Atheists, etc.  This little mini-arc of linked posts will then conclude on Friday with Daniel's new written piece about... well, wait and see.



Dadalama 3 years, 1 month ago

Before I listen to the podcast, I used to be able to overlook the classism of idiocracy and just enjoy it as a dumb comedy until I encountered the fanbase online. I never thought it was serious about it's premise but so many assholes think it's prophetic.

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