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Spare Parts, A Love Story (more podcasting)

Yet more audio news, listeners. 

This time I'm a guest on the lovely, cuddly, clued-up Oi! Spaceman podcast, hosted by married couple Daniel Harper and Shana Wolstein

Here's my episode.

We discuss the Big Finish cyber-masterpiece 'Spare Parts' by Marc Platt, and loads of other stuff including Cybermen in general, emotion in drama, capitalism, communism and fascism...

I know, it sounds a bit dry, but we also do loads of nerdy chatting about Doctor Who, and there's plenty of mucking about and giggling.  Also, I receive my first ever aural blowjob. 

Shana and Daniel have a great podcast going (I've been enjoying their back catalogue and its been a blast) and I was honoured to be asked on.  I had a great time, and I think you will too if you lend us your ears.  Your spare ones will do.

Commenting on Three Doctors

Phil Sandifer and I have created another set of episode commentaries, this time for 'The Three Doctors'.  It's a fun set of tracks, largely because about half way through I abandon any attempt to be serious and just start giggling and pissing about.

Download the whole thing in a zip file here, or have a look at Phil's post.

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