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American Auton

One thing has become clear: Clint Eastwood is actually a deeply left-wing, anti-imperialist auteur with a profoundly sceptical and cynical attitude to America, war and patriotism.

It's the fake baby that proves it.  

A sentimentalised emblem of American family life... represented on screen as something blatantly unreal, synthetic, cheap, ersatz, evidently and transparently fake... and yet none of the ostensibly admirable icons of American values notice it!  Instead the fake baby is cooed over like a beautiful, perfect, inspirational, precious, living child... even as Bradley Cooper (who must have been in on Eastwood's satirical joke at the expense of red-state America, the Pentagon and all so-called 'Heartland values') brazenly waggles the mannequin's little plastic hand and pretends the baby is moving by itself.

Let's repeat that: he pretends the baby is moving.  In this we see not only a Swiftian subversion of the exploitation of children as a lachrymose pavlovian trigger for tears of jingoistic pride in the eyes of America's right-wing ideologues, but also a deeply disturbing reminder of all those babies - blown to pieces, dissolved in white phosphorous, or starved - who will never move on their own ever again thanks to ...

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