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Sensor Scan: Babylon 5

This is the fandom war I remember The first in the world.

OK, I'm not going there. Not tonight. Babylon 5 doesn't deserve that. Not least of which because this is a show that when I look at it I don't so much see something actively offensive as much as I do a case of heroic ambition tragically misplaced and misguided. Let's not beat around the bush and deal with the obvious straight upfront, shall we? Babylon 5 isn't very good. Phil has actually already articulated the reasons why very well in a piece for TARDIS Eruditorum some years ago, so I'm not going to make much of an effort to restate the arguments. Just go read that essay instead. There's way more interesting stuff to talk about in regards to Babylon 5 from a Star Trek: The Next Generation/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine context than tritely comparing their respective quality.

During the mid-90s, you couldn't go anywhere in sci-fi circles without publicly stating your position on the biggest, most controversial sore point since they announced a new Star Trek with a balding English thespian instead of Captain Kirk: Which was ...

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