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“Reclaim Your Gods”: These Are The Voyages...

So let's make a pronouncement right off the bat, shall we? “These Are The Voyages...” is not a series finale. Yes, it's the final episode in the final filming block of the series, but if you're looking to it to resolve the show's final story arc you're going to be incredibly disappointed. It's far more satisfying and sensible both to grant that “Terra Prime” was that and that this is a bonus episode. In fact, a lot of the this last season is really better seen as a handful of assorted specials anyway; Think about “In A Mirror, Darkly”: That had nothing to do with anything that came before and anything that came after, and so does this episode. So let's just dispense upfront with the notion that this is Enterprise's series finale, because it's going to save us a lot of undue aggravation as we go along.

As absolutely everyone who has ever commented on this episode has pointed out, it plays out far more as a Star Trek: The Next Generation story than it does an Enterprise one. Which is fine ...

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