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Ship's Log, Supplemental: Star Trekkin'

We're jumping ahead a few months by looking at The Firm's chart-topping tongue-in-cheek send-up “Star Trekkin'”, which was released in June of 1987. But we've already played with temporal mechanics recently in regards to With Love from the Lovely Angels, and anyway, I can't honestly comprehend looking at this song anywhere else but here: That it went out into a world where Star Trek: The Next Generation exists is frankly inconceivable to me, but I suppose it's yet another example of how intractable and immovable the Original Series is in pop culture.

I don't really need to analyse this song too much as “Star Trekkin'” is pretty self-explanatory. It's a cumulative song that runs through caricatures of the Original Series cast who rattle off parodic and increasingly scrambled variations of their iconic catchphrases. And there are some real doozys-My favourites are Uhura's acknowledgment of the sheer inherent ridiculousness of the Klingons (“There's Klingons on the starboard bow/Scrape them off, Jim!”) Kirk's wallop of “We come in peace! Shoot to kill!”, Scotty's “Ye cannae change the script, Jim, och, see ye ...

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