Yet More Audio (Mind Robber Commentaries)


Strange, isn't it?  Years go by without you hearing my voice... and now I won't shut up!  But yes, there's some more audio for you to enjoy with your ears.  This time it's another Eruditorum/Shabgraff co-venture, with Phil Sandifer and I talking over the top of one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever made.  Very much for people who think Doctor Who is best when you can't hear the dialogue... but can hear two bloggers talking about it.  Hmm.

I'm only kidding.  These commentaries are actually all brilliant.  Especially my bits.  (Phil's are quite good, but he does insist upon letting actual knowledge and erudition interfere with the flow of manic blithering... which is not a problem I have, let me tell you.) 

This time you can download all the episodes at once, which is a better way of doing it (I think).  Just click here, my poor innocent trusting fools.


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