I Don't Speak German, Episode 7 - The Southern Nationalists


This week, Daniel gives me an introduction to the strange world of the Southern Nationalists.

Download here.

Reminder: we're on iTunes and YouTube

Warnings apply, as always


Show Notes:

New Christopher Cantwell drama:






History resources:

Hooded Americanism

At The Hands of Persons Unknown

Blood and Politics


Western groups:


JJ MacNab

Mark Pitcavage

David Neiwert

Clips (Including James Edwards and Drue Lackey snippets)


Southern Nationalists:

James Edwards

The Political Cesspool

TPC on Youtube

TOQ Live

James Edwards defamation lawsuit

The League of the South

Occidental Dissent

Brad Griffin/Hunter Wallace

Hunter Wallace on "the Hard Right."

The Sons of Confederate Veterans

Council of Conservative Citizens

Sam Francis

Gordon Baum


Recent League of the South drama

Somewhat related: The American Freedom Party


Robert Evans and Behind the Bastards

The myth of the black Confederate soldier - here, here, and here

The myth of the kindly General Lee

Intro to 'The Golden One' via Kevin Logan's excellent Descent of Manosphere series



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Daru 12 months ago

Thanks so much for the work you are doing with all of this Daniel and Jack. I hadn't twigged the show notes were here basically - I get the straight from iTunes onto my phone - so had not spent time on the posts here, but have seen they are all here so I will definitely be digging into the material for all the episodes so far.

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Phyllis C. Kalish 7 months, 1 week ago

Great Story lived all the scene in movies

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