IDSG Ep59 The Heimbach Maneuvre / News Roundup


In this bumper episode, Daniel tells Jack all about the recent response to us by Matt Heimbach and Jesse Morton on their Walk on the Right Side podcast.  Also, we do a news roundup, taking in Camilla Long, Lauren Southern, Andrew Neil, Ben Shapiro, Tim Pool and Hank Hill; Tucker Carlson and his writer Blake Neff, recently revealed as a racist forum poster; the arrest of Steven Baca; and the latest scary developments in Portland as ICE/DHS start black-bagging protestors, featuring the rise to instant fame of Tazerface.  Also... the triumphant return of Cantwell News.

Content Warnings Apply.

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Cantwell's additional charges.

Blake Neff exposed:

Tazerface16 assulted.

Tazerface aka "Chris David" describes the assault:

Chad Loder thread on ABQ militia shooting:

Steven Baca arrest:

Take a Walk on the Right Side Episode 6.

Also, sorry about forgetting to announce the last episode here.  Here's a link to Episode 58, Transphobia and The Right Stuff:




Austin George Loomis 1 week, 5 days ago

I was today years old when I saw a deviantArt comment explaining that Richard Spencer and Matt Heimbatch [sic] are Bolsheviks and that BLM and antifa are the real [sicer] fascists. (It was on an almost amusing cartoon deviation from 2018 imagining a pair of "Black Israelites", who were depicted with a subtlety not seen since Storm Saxon went off the air, transported to the court of David ben Jesse.)

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dennythomas 1 week, 5 days ago

Thanks for sharing

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