New Podcast: I Don't Speak German


As many of you will know, our very own Daniel Harper has been researching the so-called 'alt-right' (really the far-right) for more tha two years now, listening to their podcasts and YouTube shows, documenting what they say to each other in their own spaces. 

This new podcast series - entitled (very cleverly, I think) I Don't Speak German - will be me in conversation with Daniel, giving him an opportunity to tell us what he heard.

We're discussing fascism and racism, so this podcast comes with big warnings.

Here's the first episode, on perhaps the best-known representative of the 'alt-right', Richard Spencer, his career, style, and ideology. The episode also touches on the origins of the term 'alt-right', the infamous 'heilgate' occurance after Trump's election, etc.

Our episodes will cover one 'topic' per show. We plan to keep the episodes as short as possible, and crank them out regularly (in direct defiance of our usual operating methods).

The next episode will be on a more old-school fascist, David Duke, former Klan 'Grand Wizard' who spoke at Charlottesville.

Please consider spreading the news about this new show.


In other news, I'm going to be taking a bit of a sabbatical from posting so I can work on the Shabgraff book I promised Elizabeth about 100 years ago.  It's planned to be a compilation of the best of the blog, but expanded and rewritten, and with new material.  So I'll be absent from Fridays for the forseeable future, though I'll still be able to post podcast updates - and the occasional piece of writing, I hope - on Wednesdays.  (I'm still planning to do the Dracula movie series.)


If you feel like helping me with these projects, here's my Patreon.  And here's Daniel's, if you feel like you want to help him with his important project.


Christopher Brown 4 days, 9 hours ago

You can see me staring down Richard Spencer at a protest around the 36:40 mark in the documentary "White Right: Meeting the Enemy" by the incredibly talented Deeyah Khan. I'm the red-bearded guy in the Doctor Who scarf in the right of the frame. The documentary itself is utterly fantastic and probably right up the alley of anyone reading. The portion of the interview with Spencer is...telling. He comes off as an insufferable, pompous, arrogant narcissist.

The protest outside his house that you see in the doc was a candlelight vigil organized by my mom after the deaths in Charlottesville. We were mortified to find that Spencer was living in our hometown of Old Town, Alexandria, VA - in the apartment right above a Jewish-family owned chocolate shop, as it happened! (He has since been driven south to the town of Fairfax due to issues paying his rent. Lol.)

Anyway, at the protest, he and his cronies came out and bothered us, each wearing similarly stupid-looking sharp suits. It was real Kindergarten-level shit, too. Doing the Hitler salute, pretending there weren't any black or young people in the was honestly quite pathetic. I was almost disappointed. But there was a real sense of cruelty that projected from him. He might be the least compassionate person I've ever seen. If anyone I've met is a true monster, beyond redemption, I'd wager it's him.

I thought I'd bring it up to him that I saw him get his ass verbally handed to him at our local gym where he was spotted by a Georgetown University professor who proceeded to raise a stink at him (leading to his gym membership being revoked). Sheepishly, he asked the on-duty gym attendants, who happened to be black, for help extricating himself from the situation.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to listening to this when I can.

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thetrueelec 1 day, 2 hours ago

Just listened to the first two episodes, saying I enjoyed it feels weird but I did.

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