Shabcast 36 - Jack Gets Shipped With Seven


Yes, it's the long-awaited (by a tiny number of people) return of the Shabcast. 

And for my big relaunch I'm joined by a mystery returning guest who has a kickstarter going for a new book about the McCoy-era and Wilderness Years of Doctor Who, complete with some chat about the Virgin New Adventures, the new series, and sundry other inevitable digressions.  Because it's us. 

Bet you can't guess who my guest is.

That's a Kickstarter you should totally contribute to, by the way.  In fact I'd almost say you were morally obliged at this point. Here's the link.

And here's the new Shabcast.

And here's my Patreon.

Happy listening and pledging-of-money-to-Kickstarters-for-new-books-about-the-McCoy-era-and-possibly-also-to-my-Patreon.

(Plus, you can still buy our mystery guest's last book, to which I made a modest contribution.  It too was made possible because people funded a Kickstarter.)




William Shaw 3 years ago

Mad respect for putting the Delta and the Bannermen music in at the end :)

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Kazin 3 years ago

I'm delighted to know Terrance Dicks heard a reading of your Three Doctors entry. I wish we had a video feed of his face throughout it.

I'm tempted to go back through your new series entries to try and figure out which posts would be the most baffling for either Davies or Moffat to experience that way lol

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Aylwin 3 years ago

Upvote for the Hitchhiker's project! And I'm taking all bets on whether Xenomorph's Paradox will burst onto the scene before or after the publication of The Winds of Winter.

On Curse of Fenric, the Doctor does go there on purpose - the first bit of dialogue between him and Ace is him observing the evidence that they are in the right time and place and are therefore appropriately dressed, and then some talk about secret military bases. Though that doesn't have to mean that he expects to bump into Fenric, as he might just be interested in nosing around not-Bletchley.

Conversely, I don't think we have much cause to believe what he says about knowing in advance that Fenric was involved with Ace - when he says that, he's claiming that this was his only reason for taking her with him, as part of his psychological attack on her, so there's no reason why it shouldn't be part of that deception.

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Aylwin 3 years ago

If this is the best they can do, no wonder the machines are already more than twenty tears late taking over the world.

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