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The Wasp Factory

This is a bonus post written for my backers on Patreon. If you would like to weigh in on what the next bonus post will be, please consider backing - nominations are currently open. Plus, for just $1 a week, you can keep this blog alive and kicking. 

And so, somewhat unexpectedly, my fifth ever long(ish) form blogging project starts up a week before my fourth. The fourth even has a title and everything. Whereas this one... doesn't, because I hadn't been planning on starting it until mid-April at the earliest. And perhaps more to the point, this is very much an exploratory project. To date, the Iain (M) Banks novels I've read are this, Player of Games, and Use of Weapons. So I'm still very much drawing a critical bead on him. I'm not even entirely sure I can articulate why I want to write a ten-plus post blog series on the Culture novels yet.

Nevertheless, it begins here, with Banks's first published novel, in his literary, M-free identity, The Wasp Factory. It is worth noting that Banks's early career features a mildly complicated chronology. The Wasp Factory came out ...

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