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"What if there's no one out there?" asks the Doctor.  He's inside the Brannigans' floating car, stuck in gridlock.

What if the world ended when you weren't looking?

"Someone's got to ask, because you might not talk about it, but it's there in your eyes. What if the traffic jam never stops?"

"There's a whole city above us," says Brannigan, "The mighty city state of New New York. They wouldn't just leave us."

"In that case, where are they?" counters the Doctor.  "What if there's no help coming, not ever? What if there's nothing? Just the motorway, with the cars going round and round and round and round, never stopping. Forever."

What if the whole system is an utterly insane roundalay, going nowhere, getting noplace, just leaving everyone stranded, doing nothing but belching out endless clouds of toxic smoke?  What if the crisis is permanent.  What if normality is the crisis?  What if everyday life is the end of the world?

Walter Benjamin said that history was a train crash, and revolution was when the passengers pulled the communication cord.  The people of New New ...


The sacred mountain of the Sarns is being engulfed.  Turlough tries to persuade Timanov and the faithful to flee.

"Leave us alone," says Timanov, "We wish to die with our settlement."

You have to wonder if some of the others are truly eager to die needlessly, or whether they are just still under the spell of Timanov's authority.  This is a man who has condemned people to burn many times.

A silver figure walks into the room.

"Logar!" cries Timanov, thinking he is seeing his god.

"On your feet!" shouts the figure.  He is offended by bended knees, yet he is hectoring in his command.  He removes his helmet.  It is Amyand, 'leader' of the unbelievers, wearing a heat-proof suit.  (The Sarn religion is a 'cargo cult', but we'll complain about that - and everything that goes with it - some other time.)

"A deception," says Timanov quietly, a bitter laugh in his voice, "Another deception.  And from a heretic."

Amyand holds out his hand.  There is a way out.

"You will never understand, Amyand," says Timanov quietly, "Logar is everywhere.  He cares for the faithful."

But perhaps it's Timanov ...

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