The Vault of Horror and the Ambassadors of Death


It's November, a time of complicated anniversaries. Of Octobers that became Novembers and barrels of gunpowder left in the bowels of a building that fire would eradicate in a couple hundred years anyway, sadly emptied of the fat landowners and wealth horders of the day. We've had Samhain and All Hallow's Eve and the fields are asleep until the planting time.

Perfect for watching the rain hit your windowpanes and relaxing in the warm with some audio goodness.

I'm very pleased to be able to finally announce the return of Pex Lives.

Kevin and I talk here about The Seventh Seal, Jodie Whitaker, the Ambassadors of Death, personal hypocrisies and much more. It's good to be back. Kevin seems to have recorded on location from a cathedral of furious wolves, so that's something.

Also very happy to have a new City of the Dead, the podcast Lee and I do about every Amicus film. We're actually nearing the end of this journey so jump onboard while you still can. One of the things I love about CotD is that it isn't a show that demands a huge time investment of the listener but can still get some great, fun analysis done and be a cool place to hang out. Come hang out with us for a cup of coffee.

Finally, though it isn't out yet, I've got an episode of the Last Exit Show recorded that'll be coming down the pike. It's a show I've been doing with my friend, New York Times and Vanity Fair writer, Kaleb Horton. He makes me laugh more than anyone in the world. Check out our back catalogue here.

As ever, you can find exclusive audio and written content from me at my patreon and help all this podcasting stuff happen by supporting me for only $1.00 a month. I'd be ever so grateful. Check out the free stuff on there, see if you'd want more of that kind of thing. I think you would. It helps me not get devoured by my frankly horrible minimum wage job.

Cheers, until next time.


Homunculette 2 weeks ago

Absolutely delighted about the return of Pex Lives.

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George 1 week, 1 day ago

Speaking of Amicus, will you guys be doing They Came From Beyond Space at all? Watched it with my fiancée recently, and it really felt like MST3K fodder. A lot of fun was had.

I've since found out that the producers spent almost all the budget on another film, meaning they reused sets and props from the Dalek films, and that critics have called it the worst film Amicus ever made. Now I feel bad about laughing at it so much. But it stars Michael Gough as the king of the moon, so there's that.

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