Saturday Waffling (May 25th, 2013)

Whatever shall we do with no new episode to discuss? I’ve no idea, actually, but here’s the discussion thread for it.

By the time you’re reading this the brilliant Anna Wiggins, who’s contributed guest essays to both blog and book, will be visiting us for the weekend. So that will be fun. I think she, my wife, and I are going to do a demo podcast commentary, just to see how bad we are at it to start and how many things we need to learn to do or not to do. I’ve also just sent out the first set of Kickstarter rewards (the ebook starter kit), so that’s satisfying too. Especially since those rewards cost me nothing to fulfill.

And I’ve got the Hinchcliffe-era revisions mainly done – at the time of writing (probably a bit obsolete by the time you read this) I’m in the midst of The Hand of Fear, which means the next one is a bit of a hill to climb, but a fun one. This doesn’t mean the book is imminent – I’ve written no extra essays and it has to all be copyedited – but it means it’s at a nice clip. I’ll move on to Hartnell after this, where I expect far fewer changes. Let’s see if I’m right and don’t just start getting terribly annoyed with my old arguments and decide that it’s time to rewatch and rewrite The Crusade in its entirety.

Speaking of which, are there any things either in the first Hartnell book or the Hinchcliffe era Tom Baker stuff where people think there’s room for improvement? I’m already going to rephrase the infamous “trust nobody who lists Hartnell or McGann as their favorite Doctor” line and have rewritten the Masque of Mandragora post heavily, but if there’s anything else you’re unsatisfied by, please do let me know. (I’m talking bits where you think my argument is wonky or where I miss something huge – not typos, which will get fixed in copyediting.)

Actually, while we’re doing self-critique, how’s the new six-times-a-week blogging working for you? Are the off-day posts on topics to your liking? Are there things you’d like to see more of? Less of?

And finally, extra essays for the Baker book. I’m currently thinking Managra, Corpse Marker, one of the Baker/Leela Big Finish audios (which one’s good?) and… I dunno. Something else obvious and big I should deal with? No guarantees I’ll go with a suggestion, but I’m always open to them.

And, of course, how’s your weekend?…

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