$5000 in Two Days. Dang. (Also two new reward tiers)


After what was not only the best launch day i've ever had for a Kickstarter but the best second day I've ever had as well, the TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 7 Kickstarter has managed to break $5000 in just two days. I am stunned, humble, and unbelievably grateful. That's not only enough to print the book, but enough to get bonus essays on NightshadeSpringhill (a mostly overlooked and forgott4en Russell T Davies supernatural soap opera worked on by Gareth Roberts, Paul Cornell, and Frank Cottrell-Boyce), and "Was He Half-Woven On His Father's Side?", my essay on Looms and whether they make any goddamn sense. The next couple stretch goals are on the Andrew Cartmel-overseen season of Casualty (I got my hands on it!), the Big Finish audio Master, and Lloyd Rose's novel The Algebra of Ice. Plus we're halfway to the Kate Orman interview!

Anyway, by popular request I've added two new reward tiers for people who want to catch up on the Eruditorum Press catalog, but don't necessarily want all seven TARDIS Eruditorum Books. There's a $10 ebook threepack, and a $60 print threepack. Either can include Volume 7 if you like, but can also include Volumes 1-6, The Last War in Albion, A Golden Thread, Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons, or Neoreaction a Basilisk. (And the print one can include Recursive Occlusion too if you like.) These can be added to existing pledges, so if you'd like them but have already backed at another tier I am happy to separate you from more of your money. As the Daleks say in "Doctorin' the TARDIS," "DOSH DOSH DOSH LOADSAMONEY!"

Once again, the Kickstarter's here. Thanks again. 


Kit 3 years ago

That's "Bosh Bosh Bosh" - it's a reference to the Harry Enfield character Loadsamoney (written by Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson), who had also had a novelty hit record with a House-related pun in the title earlier in 1988.


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