The Return of Doctor Mysterio Review

Fluff, but in a generally “good Christmas fun” way. Those looking for any sorts of tea leaves regarding Series 10 are essentially out of luck save for the trailer, but those interested in having an entertaining hour of television watching on Christmas were well served, and are surely the more important audience.

Obviously the tagline is “Doctor Who does superheroes,” which is an enticing approach that the series really hadn’t tackled before. And yet there’s something strangely out of sync about it. You’d expect something in which the show riffs on the Marvel movie formula. Instead we get Superman. And (unsurprisingly, really) not the cynical Snyder Superman, but an utterly unreconstructed Superman rooted in old-fashioned sentiments like “the real hero is Clark Kent” that would never pass muster at today’s DC.

In hindsight, strange as this ends up coming off, it’s hardly unexpected. Of course Moffat, who hasn’t exactly done anything that signals him as a big comics guy, was going to go for a straight-up Clark Kent-Lois Lane-Superman love triangle. And all things being equal, he does a pretty good job with it. This isn’t exactly a surprise, given how squarely up his alley it is, and ...

The Annual Boxing Day Sale

EDIT: Now with an added sale on Vaka Rangi Volume 1.

Do people still get e-readers for Christmas? Well whether or not they do, it's time for Eruditorum Press's annual post-Christmas sale, in which I merrily slash prices on a bunch of books for a week. As always, sale books are distributed via Smashwords - just click the links below and use the coupon codes provided at checkout to get the books at the listed prices.

First we've got the marquee sale - a 20% discount on Eruditorum Press's brand new release, The Last War in Albion Volume 1 to take the price down to $3.99. That's available with the coupon FV43Q, and has a download link at the end to get the version with added images free of charge. 

Second of all, we've taken $4 off on both Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons, my collection on science fiction and fascism in 2015, and A Golden Thread, my history of Wonder Woman. 

Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons$2.99, coupon code HB53S

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Finally, we've got all six volumes ...

Boxing Day Q&A

Happy Boxing Day to all. Hope your hangovers aren't too bad. I'll have the annual ebook sale up around noon. 

Andrew Morton: I very much enjoyed A Golden Thread. Is there any other superhero you think you could do a similar book for?

I’m sure there’s loads of superheroes you could do a survey history of. Anyone who’s been around for 50+ years ought to work at this point. But I don’t think I’d find much interest in ones who don’t have a sort of broken utopianism at their heart. And I’d probably want to do Marvel instead of DC if I were to ever do it again, just so I don’t have to retrace much.

The obvious place this all points is the X-Men, and there were moments when I considered that project, but I think it’s pretty clear at this point that the world does not actually need X-Men criticism above and beyond Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men. Which I haven’t actually listened to because I don’t really listen to podcasts, but which I just sort of assume is as awesome and comprehensive as everyone says. Which is fine - I’m pretty unlikely to take ...

The Return of Doctor Mysterio Open Thread

Not sure when I'll get to watching this, as I'm traveling on Christmas, little yet getting a review done - could well take until Tuesday or so. So here's an open thread to discuss the 14th from last episode of the Moffat era. 

Sol Invictus.

Shabcast 28 - The 2nd Annual (so far) Eruditorum Press Christmas Party

Title says it all really.

This time I'm joined by EP's 'new recruits' from 2016, Josh, Shana & Daniel.


We don't actually talk that much politics, so this is a relatively safe space if you're trying to self-care a bit over the holidays.

Myriad Universes: The Deceivers Part 1: A Matter of Conscience...

The Enterprise is on routine patrol of the Romulan Neutral Zone. Perhaps that should be left to speak for itself.

Ironically enough, while making small talk with Commander Riker, Captain Picard says that the Romulans have been “rather well-behaved lately”. Just then, Geordi calls up with a request: Since it's expected this patrol mission will be rather uneventful, he'd like to take a small science team to investigate Beta Argotha One, which the Enterprise's route will take it in very close proximity to. Beta Argotha One is known as “Darwin's World”, because the species on that world evolve at an incredibly accelerated rate such that every time it's researched, it's effectively a whole new planet. Since it hasn't been surveyed in the past year, it is thus likely unrecognisable from the last time Starfleet checked it out. Captain Picard grants his request, and has Geordi prepare the Runabout USS Yutcan for launch.

As Geordi gets his ship ready, he's paid a visti by Deanna Troi. Her father participated in the very first survey of Beta Argotha One, and she was fascinated by the stories he would tell her about it as a ...

Boxing Day Q&A: Call for Questions

I'm going to do a readers Q&A for the Monday post next week, since it's Boxing Day and probably not a great day for reading about Crash. Whereas just after New Year's seems downright perfect.

I've already solicited some questions via Patreon, and I'll answer all of those, but I'm willing to answer a few more than just those, so if you've got a question you've been dying to have me answer, leave it in comments. If it catches my fancy, onto the list it shall go.

(And of course there'll be a Doctor Mysterio review somewhere around there too.)

Eruditorum Presscast: Kieron Gillen

It's my great pleasure to bring you the latest Eruditorum Presscast, in which I sit down and interview Kieron Gillen. Most of our conversation is about his new Avatar series Uber: Invasion, which continues the story of Uber by having Nazi superhumans invading the US. So yeah, it's a little on the nose right now, as we discuss. We also talk a bit about his other projects, including The Wicked + The Divine, Modded, and Mercury Heat. It's a good time, or at least, a time where we talk about the horrors of war and fascism a lot. You can download that here.

If this podcast interests you, you're probably the exact sort of person who would enjoy my new book, The Last War in Albion Volume 1, which looks at the history of British comics as a magical war between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. Volume 1 covers the early work of both men - basically everything pre-Watchmen - putting it in a frankly terrifying amount of context. That's for sale here. Or, if you're British, for sale here.

Thanks for reading/listening.

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